Midnight Solid Sponge Cloth | 2 Pack
Midnight Solid Sponge Cloth | 2 Pack
Solid Black Sponge Cloth hangs over the back of the sink.  On top of the cloth are freshly washed Blackberry that are drying on the cloth.  To the top left of the image is a wooden bowl  of blackberries.  In the background you can see the light streaming onto the window sill and on the far left is an image of green roses cut off.

Ten and Co.

Midnight Solid Sponge Cloth | 2 Pack

Sale price$8.00 USD

+ One sponge cloth can replace the use of up to 40+ rolls of paper towel

+ Cuts plastic waste from landfills by replacing traditional sponges and paper towel packaging

+ Absorbs 15x its weight in liquid [up to 3/4 of a cup]

+ Quick-drying and naturally anti-bacterial

+ Washing machine and dishwasher safe

+ Fully compostable in both a home and industrial compost

+ Designed in Canada, ethically made in Sweden

Both functional and sustainable—the Ten and Co. Swedish Sponge Cloth is the ultimate eco-friendly kitchen accessory.

Depending on use, your sponge cloth can last anywhere from 6-12 months. Once your dishcloth has reached the end of its lifecycle, it can easily be composted in a home or industrial compost, leaving zero waste behind!

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your impact

We believe that small actions change the world. With every sponge cloth, an average household of 2-3 people can eliminate the use of up to 40+ paper towel rolls yearly.

So what does that mean?

When cutting back on the use of paper towels, you are eliminating the use of plastic packaging, r educing the demand for paper that can contribute to deforestation, habitat loss and wildlife endangerment, and romoting the use of reusable products and a sustainable way of living!

Incredible right?