Cloth Care

The Ten and Co. sponge cloths have the ability to absorb up to 15 x their own weight in liquid and effectively clean and dry all surfaces. Use the diamond side for scrubbing and the smooth side for streak free wiping.

​Rinse your cloth before using and let air dry.

​Cloths can be washed in warm water BUT DO NOT TUMBLE DRYThey can also be put in the top rack of the dishwasher for cleaning as well. 

​From time to time, you may want to freshen up your cloths….just add a few tablespoons of bleach to some water water and let ‘em soak for a minute or two. Rinse well and they’re as good as new!

Due to their cellulose/ cotton composition they are naturally quick drying, antibacterial and biodegradable! Triple WIN.