Graphite Pencil HB Lacquered


Graphite Pencil HB Lacquered

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These graphite pencils of a very high (artist/professional) quality are produced by the renowned family business Koh-i-Noor Hartdmuth. This Czech company has been the worldwide leader of high-quality products such as crayons, oil paint, charcoal, chalk, etc. for 225 years. They specialize in many levels of hardnesses. The hardness codes were devised by the Friedrich von Hardtmuth of this same Koh-I-Noor factory.

The H stands for hard (Hart in German), the B soft (Blei in German) and F (this is the current HB) for fine writing (Fein in German). We offer these pencils in the range of 4B (very soft) to 4H (very hard), so you can draw lines, sketches, shading, whatever you like.

This product only includes one pencil