Flat lay image of Geo Animal Sponge Cloth on a black background. The cloth has a white base with different geometric shapes in blue and red. The shapes make animals like crabs and turtles. The Ten and Co. Logo is in the bottom right in blue font.
Product image of Geo Animal Sponge Cloth on a white surface. The sponge cloth is on an angle towards the bottom of the image. There is a red melting popsicle in the top left corner of the sponge cloth. The popsicle has a red puddle around it.
Product image of Geo Animal Sponge Cloth on a white marble surface. The sponge cloth is laying over the edge of a white kitchen sink. There is a soap dish with a dish brush on it in the background out of focus.
Product image of Geo Animal Sponge Cloth on a white surface. There are 3 items in this image. There is a Geo Animal Sponge cloth, a Large Geo Animal sponge cloth mat and a Geo Animal Tea Towel. There are tiny blue stars sprinkled throughout. The tea towel is bunched up in the top left corner.

Geo Animal Sponge Cloth

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Our Geo Animal collection was inspired by our collaboration with Christen's little ones, Luke and Daragh. We hope this is first of many kid inspired designs to come!

The Geo Animal Sponge Cloth is the perfect cloth to help start your sustainable journey with your little ones! With a super fun and clever design of animals that are created from simple shapes, we hope this collection gets your kids excited colours, shapes and their sustainable journey!

Our Geo Animal Sponge Cloth makes cleaning with the kids fun and easy, perfect for spills, cleaning up the water after a bath, cleaning up after brushing teeth or to put in their snack packs to soak up water from fruits and veggies.

Did you know that the Sponge Cloth has been a staple in Swedish kitchens for over 60 years?

A sustainable and plastic-free alternative to traditional sponges and paper towels, our eco-friendly dishcloths will clean all kitchen and bath surfaces easily and without streaking.

Why We Love the Sponge Cloth

+ One sponge cloth can replace the use of up to 40 rolls of paper towel, yes, incredible!

+ Absorbs 15x its weight in liquid [up to 3/4 of a cup] and is soft when wet.

+ Cuts plastic waste from landfills by replacing traditional sponges and paper towel packaging

+ Compostable in both a home and industrial compost.

+ Quick-drying and naturally anti-bacterial. No dishcloth smell here!

+ Washing machine and dishwasher safe.

+ Designed in Canada, ethically made in Sweden

Both functional and sustainable—the Ten and Co. Swedish Sponge Cloth is the ultimate kitchen accessory and depending on use, can last anywhere from 3-9 months!

Once the dishcloth has reached the end of its useful lifecycle, it can easily be composted in a home or industrial compost. Leaving zero waste behind!

  • The cellulose (wood pulp) - cotton composition is 100% biodegradable. Screen printed with water-based dyes. 

  • Care:

    These cloths can be washed in the top rack of a dishwasher or the washing machine and should be laid flat to dry. We do not recommended drying your Sponge Cloth in the dryer. Avoid storing wet or damp sponge cloths in dark places with lack of air circulation as it is important they dry completely before being stored away. 
  • This product comes package free and may include a recyclable bookmark with care instructions.

  • End of life:

    Your cloth's lifespan is dependent on how you use your cloth and personal preference. Typically 2-3 months with average wear and tear, but these cloths can be used up to 6-12 months or 200 wash cycles. At the end of it's lifespan, these cloths can be thrown away with compostable waste. 
  • Sponge Cloths are 17cm x 20cm [6.75" x 8"] Designed in Canada, Made in Sweden. 
  • The Geo Animal Sponge Cloth is part of the Kids Collection.