Cranberry Sponge Cloth
Design image of Cranberry Sponge Cloth. Cloth is wet and on a marbled surface with a hand on the left side. In the top right corner is a white bowl full of fresh cranberries. Scattered around the edges of the cloth are fresh cranberries.
Image of 4 Vintage Fruits Sponge Cloths being held from the bottom and fanned in front of a wooden surface. From left to right; Citrus Orange, Wild Blueberry, Citrus Lemon, Cranberry. Hand is coming from the bottom of the image and holding the 4 cloths.
Design image of Cranberry Sponge Cloth. Image is zoomed on the water stream from a sink coming from the top of the image. Sink is white and cloth is being held from underneath, hand coming from the bottom of the image. Water is pooling on top of the cloth.

Ten and Co.

Cranberry Sponge Cloth

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Cranberry Sponge Cloth

Ten and Co. Studio

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Designed in Canada, the Sponge Cloth is what Ten and Co. is most known for. Our cloths are a sustainable and plastic-free alternative to paper towels and can replace up to 40+ rolls.

The Sponge Cloth absorbs up to 15x its own weight in liquid [3/4 of a cup], is quick drying and naturally anti-bacterial [no dish cloth smell]. Our eco-friendly cloths will clean all kitchen and bath surfaces easily, without streaking.

Lasting up to 6-12+ months depending on use and compostable at the end of its life, makes it the perfect sustainable swap.