What is a Swedish Sponge Cloth

We're taking it back to basics today and answering the question, what exactly is a Swedish Sponge Cloth?

The Swedish Sponge Cloth/Dishcloth is a reusable, compostable and sustainable sponge and paper towel alternative.

Plastic-free and screen printed with water-based dyes and made of a cellulose (wood pulp) and cotton composition; the Sponge Cloths is 100% biodegradable, leaving zero waste behind. 

The Sponge Cloth is quick-drying, meaning it won't harbour any bacteria or hold on to the well-known and despised dishcloth smell caused by bacteria.

With daily use, your sponge cloth can last anywhere from 6 to 12 months and even longer if you have a dedicated Sponge for specific tasks [keep reading for unique ways to use your Sponge Cloth].

Once your Sponge Cloth reaches the end of it’s useful life cycle, it can simply be composted in both a home and industrial compost and will completely break down within 6 to 8 weeks.

Continue reading for unique ways to use  your sponge cloth!

No alt text provided for this imageSo you want to know how to use a Sponge Cloth?

The Sponge Cloth can be used just like a traditional sponge or paper towel. It is soft enough to be used on delicate glassware but durable enough to wipe down greasy stovetops or oven racks. Apart from being the ultimate sink-side essential, the Sponge Cloth can be used throughout the home. Here are a few unique ways I like to use mine!

+ Wiping off dusty plant leaves | Plants absorb light through their leaves and dust makes this much harder to take in the nutrients they need to grow. The sponge cloth is super gentle and makes it super quick and easy to keep my plant babies dust free.

+ Under over watered plants | Another plant-mom trick. If you feel you've overwatered your leafy friend, stick a sponge cloth under the pot. The sponge cloth will absorb any extra water that could potentially cause root rot.

+ Dusting off books | I personally keep my books out for all to see and like to keep the tops dust free. The diamond-back pattern of the sponge cloth allows dust to cling to the sponge cloth and although the sponge cloth is damp, it does not ruin my soft or hardcover books.

+ Under a cutting board for extra grip | This is an amateur chef trick if I do say so myself. Run your sponge cloth under water, wring it out, and place it under your cutting board for extra support. You can also use this trick for bowls while mixing or [same but different] opening stubborn jars.

+ Maintaining your bathroom sink | Whether you're tackling toothpaste splatter on your mirror or rouge hairs across your sink, I find sponge cloths help keep my bathroom sink maintained between deep cleaning.

+ Deep cleaning makeup brushes | Paired with gentle soap, the sponge cloth can help you keep your makeup brushes fresh and clean. Simply place it in your sink and swirl your makeup brush creating a lather. Continue this until the water runs clear.

+ Wiping down pet paws | This has been a game-changer since adopting our pup. She loves running through puddles and her paws tend to get super dirty, especially in the spring. A damp sponge cloth is super gentle on her paws and clings to the dirt between her toes, keeping our floors paw print free.

+ Keeping fruits and veggies fresh | I keep a dry large sponge cloth in my veggie drawer to help wick away any excess moisture that may cause produce to go bad.

These are just a few unconventional ways I have learned to use my sponge cloth but the possibilities are truly endless. Once you start, it will be hard to stop and you'll soon find a sponge cloth in every room of your home.

I hope you learned a bit about the Swedish Sponge Cloth and why it is a sink-side essential. If you'd like to learn more about our Sponge Cloths from our founder and CEO, peep the video below and follow us on Instagram for quick tips and tricks!

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