Flat lay image of Starburst Gold and Black gift set on a white background. There is a Starburst Gold and Black sponge cloth folded with a Starburst Gold and Black tea towel behind it. There is a white belly band across both. The sponge cloth has a white base with starbursts of black and gold throughout. The tea towel has a white base with starbursts of gold and black throughout. The belly band has the Ten and Co. Logo and descriptive text in black font.
Aerial product image of Starburst Gold and Black gift set. There is a white counter top with a stove next to it. On the stove is a white pot with a lid on it. On the countertop there is a round board with a small white cup with salt in it and a brown planter with a green plant in it. There is a tea towel across the counter with a wooden spoon on it.
Gift Set | Starburst
Aerial product image of Starburst Gold and Black gift set. There is a dark wood cutting board. On the board is a glass jar full of coffee beans. There are scattered beans in front of it with a measuring spoon full of beans. There is a white coffee mug that has a latte in it. Beside the mug there is a sponge cloth with a spoon that has frothed milk on it.

Ten and Co.

Gift Set | Starburst

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Colour:Gold + Black

Better together—bundle your Starburst Sponge Cloth and Tea Towel and save!


Entirely compostable, the sponge cloth is the perfect alternative to traditional dishcloths and paper towels.

Both functional and sustainable—the Ten and Co. Swedish Sponge Cloth is the ultimate eco-friendly kitchen accessory.

Depending on use, your sponge cloth can last anywhere from 6-12 months. Once your dishcloth has reached the end of its lifecycle, it can easily be composted in a home or industrial compost, leaving zero waste behind!


Functional, beautiful, and sustainable, our tea towels are designed for everyday use. With a convenient hook sewn into the top for easy hanging and a generous size, this isn't just a pretty kitchen accessory; it will work hard too.