Gift Bag
Angled photo of Gift Bag laying flat, folded in half, on a marbled surface. The deep green and white striped Gift Bag is loosely tied around the center with a black and white striped ribbon, formed into a bow. The Ten and Co tag and drawstring from the bag are showcased closer to the bottom of the image. There is some shadowing around the bag in this image.
Angled photo of Gift Bag with Ten and Co items inside. Photo on a white surface against a white wall. Deep green and white vertical striped gift bag is propped open with the following items inside. Left to right; Rust solid 2pk, Splatter Denim Napkins, Beeswax Wraps, Scrub Brush. In front of these items in the bag, is a Dishwashing Soap Bar and an Enamel Soap Dish.
Birds-eye view photo of a french press inside of the Gift Bag. Center and focus of the photo is the top of a french press seen inside the gift bag. In the top left corner out of focus is a Juniper Greens on White Sponge Cloth. To the top right of the french press is a small glass jar with a yellow label. In the bottom right of the image is 2 stemmed, textured empty glasses with a gold rim. All items are on a white surface with some natural light coming from the left side.

Ten and Co.

Gift Bag

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