Flat lay image of Everyday Napkins Set of 4, Splatter – Rust on a white background. The napkins have a deep orange base colour with splatters of white covering the entirety of the cloth and are tied together with Ten and Co twill tape and a recyclable paper tag laying on top.
Design image of Splatter Rust napkins shot in natural light. There is a wooden table with a breakfast spread. Clockwise from top left is: a small plate with a folded Splatter Rust napkin on it with a fork, a small plate with a croissant, a vase with some pussy willows, a small bowl with some jam and a knife laying across it, a plate with a croissant cut in half and spoonful of jam on it laying on a Splatter Rust napkin, and an oval white pan with croissants on it.
Focus image on the Splatter Denim set of napkins. Splatter Rust napkins are shown slightly in behind the Splatter Denim napkins, and in the top left corner. The focus of the image is the Splatter Denim napkins, tied with a Ten and Co printed description label on the front. The bottom left corner of the Splatter Blue napkins is folded up in this image to showcase fabric.
Flat lay of Splatter Denim Napkin folded in half on a white background. Napkin is navy blue with white spots splattered all over it.

Ten and Co.

Reusable Hemp Linen Fabric Napkins | Splatter Rust

Sale price$46.00

The Ten and Co. everyday reusable hemp and linen napkins in our original Splatter Rust print!

Available in three complimentary colours and patterns, our reusable napkins are designed for the wear and tear of everyday use. Perfect for any occasion, littles, adults and everyone in between.