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Flat lay image of Lots of Love 4 Pack on a white background. There is a Big Love Black on White sponge cloth with a belly band around it. The cloth has a white base with a big black heart in the middle. The Ten and Co. Logo is in the bottom right. The belly band is white with tiny hearts throughout. The Ten and Co. Logo is in black font along with descriptive text. Aerial view of half of the sink.  On the counter top is the Big Love Black Heart Sponge Cloth and The Big Love Bright Red Sponge Cloth, made out of a cellulose-cotton blend. The Sponge Cloths are overlapping and are wet, waiting to dry.  At the top of the image is a scrub brush drying on an enamel soap dish with a bar of soap.  Around the Sponge Cloths are candy hearts scattered on the marble counter top, they are red, pink, white and black.
Lots of Love | 4 Pack
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