Winter Gratitude List | Free Download

Winter Gratitude List | Free Download

It's that time of year again, and it's officially going to be “Next Year” in just one short month. So, whether you celebrate the holidays or not, we can probably agree that kindness, reflection, and giving back are all great things to do in December. To help with that, we've created free downloadable prompts that you and your loved ones can use during the month of December, helping you go into 2024 as your best selves!

This year, I've created a family list and added an adult one as well. I thought it would be fun for Dave and me to have an advent calendar this year with prompts to spend more time together, give back, and slow down, especially to enjoy some chocolate during the busiest time of year!

Whether you use five of these prompts or all of them, print off the documents – or rewrite them, whatever is easiest for you – and add them to a jar or the pockets of an advent calendar. Pick one out every day or every couple of days and spread the love.


Simply right click, save, print, cut, and enjoy! 


Happy Holidays, my friends,




Ten and Co. Winter Gratitude ListTen and Co. Winter Gratitude ListTen and Co. Winter Gratitude ListTen and Co. Winter Gratitude List


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