7 Simple + Sustainable Laundry Swaps

The laundry room is one place that commonly gets overlooked but can generate a ton of plastic waste.

Between laundry detergent bottles, detergent pods, dryer sheets, stain remover bottles and lint rollers, it seems as there is more packaging than there is product!
Here are 7 swaps that can help you keep your laundry fresh and your home waste-free.

The Bare Home Laundry Detergent | This naturally fragranced detergent is compatible with high efficiency and standard washing machines and will effectively wash up to 40 loads. The bottle itself is made of glass and is reusable, refillable and recyclable. 

Reusable Linen and Hemp Drawstring Bags | Our organic flax linen and hemp bags are perfect for your delicates. Simply load them into the washing machine and run your standard cycle. Please note; these are not dryer safe and should be laid flat to dry along with other delicates. 

Good Juju Laundry Strips | This innovative laundry strip formula is super-concentrated, containing no water and requiring no plastic bottle. Each 30-strip envelope prevents one 1-litre plastic jug from entering the landfill and results in a 94% reduction in transport-related greenhouse gas emissions compared to liquid alternatives.

Bursera Essential Oil | Paired with wool dryer balls (below), natural essential oils are a great swap for traditional dryer sheets, which can cause wax buildup in your dryer over time.

Ulat Dryer Balls | This unique design maximizes efficiency, decreasing drying time by up to 50%, therefore, decreasing energy use and cost! These dryer balls also help reduce wrinkles and static.

The Bare Home Stain Stick | This highly concentrated (and lemony) stain stick is the ultimate contender in our laundry lineup. Chemical and toxin-free, this stain stick can also be used to hand wash full garments.

Redecker Lint Brush | Perfect for upholstery and clothing. This lint brush easily removes animal hair and dandruff! The hand-mounted rubber takes on a static charge through rubbing and attracts hair, lint and dust like a magnet. The particles deposited on the surface can easily be removed by hand or under running water.

In case, like us, you've ever looked at a tag and wondered what a crossed our triangle could possibly mean...we've put together a little cheat sheet with the most commonly used symbols below. Tap, download and save for future fuss fear laundering!


Laundry Symbol List
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