Flat lay image of Starbust Denim, 4 set of Napkins on a white background. The napkins have a white base colour with starbursts of blue covering the entirety of the cloth and are tied together with Ten and Co twill tape and a recyclable paper tag laying on top.
Design image of Starburst Denim napkins on a wooden surface. In the top left of the image there is a plate of food peeking out of the corner. There are two small white stacked plates with a metal fork on it and some salad. The Starburst Denim napkin is splayed underneath. At the bottom of the image is 3 Starburst napkins stacked with 3 metal forks laying vertical.
Reusable Hemp Linen Fabric Napkins | Starburst, Denim
Flat lay of Starburst Denim Napkin folded in half on a white background. Napkin is white with a pattern of blue starburst laid out on top of the white hemp-linen blended material.

Ten and Co.

Reusable Hemp Linen Fabric Napkins | Starburst, Denim

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The Ten and Co. Organic Linen-Hemp Napkins are a wrinkle-resistant and sustainably made. They are designed for the wear and tear of everyday use, but softness and durability for a special event. Perfect for any occasion, littles, adults and everyone in between.