Evergreen Solid Sponge Cloth | 2 Pack
Evergreen Solid Sponge Cloth | 2 Pack
Radishes lying on top of a damp solid evergreen sponge cloth.  In the sink you can see radishes that still have dirt on them and need to be cleaned. This is on top of a marble counter top beside a sink.
 Product image of Evergreen Solid Sponge cloth with a white background. There are two hands coming from the top holding onto a wet sponge cloth. There are alpha sprouts in the middle of the sponge cloth.

Ten and Co.

Evergreen Solid Sponge Cloth | 2 Pack

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+ One sponge cloth can replace the use of up to 40+ rolls of paper towel

+ Cuts plastic waste from landfills by replacing traditional sponges and paper towel packaging

+ Absorbs 15x its weight in liquid [up to 3/4 of a cup]

+ Quick-drying and naturally anti-bacterial

+ Washing machine and dishwasher safe

+ Fully compostable in both a home and industrial compost

+ Designed in Canada, ethically made in Sweden

Both functional and sustainable—the Ten and Co. Swedish Sponge Cloth is the ultimate eco-friendly kitchen accessory.

Depending on use, your sponge cloth can last anywhere from 6-12 months. Once your dishcloth has reached the end of its lifecycle, it can easily be composted in a home or industrial compost, leaving zero waste behind!

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your impact

We believe that small actions change the world. With every sponge cloth, an average household of 2-3 people can eliminate the use of up to 40+ paper towel rolls yearly.

So what does that mean?

When cutting back on the use of paper towels, you are eliminating the use of plastic packaging, r educing the demand for paper that can contribute to deforestation, habitat loss and wildlife endangerment, and romoting the use of reusable products and a sustainable way of living!

Incredible right?