Bergamot + Lime Dish Soap 3 Litre Refill Box
Zoomed and angled image of the Bergamot and Lime 3L Dish Soap Refill Box from the Bare Home on a transparent background. The image is focused on the area of the refill spout. The size and product description (including scent) is shown and an imperfect green circle where the spout is located.

The Bare Home

Bergamot + Lime Dish Soap 3 Litre Refill Box

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Eco-Sustainable natural cleaning products that are safe for you, your home and the earth.

This Dish Soap does the dirty work for you. This plant powered goodness is hard on grease but gentle on your hands. Giving plenty of suds to get your dishes sparkling clean!

Made In Canada

Refilling can lower CO2 Emissions and Plastic Waste by over 80%. Small changes, Big Impact.