Wrapping with Beeswax Wraps


You've been asking for it, so here it is! More awesome ideas on how to use your Beeswax Wraps AND quick videos on how to fold into packets and snack cones. There are so many other amazing uses for them and I have my favourite ones listed below!

Herb & Veggie Storage

Simply wash and dry your small veggies or herbs and wrap tightly in a similar pouch shown above, pop into the crisper in your fridge and these will keep your produce fresher, longer!

Dough Prep

This is something I figured out recently and it has been a game-changer in my bread baking prep! I typically use a tea towel, but I wasn't exactly thrilled with how crunchy it left the top of my dough. I realized using a large beeswax wrap is a way better alternative to both a tea towel and plastic wrap. I got a great rise, it kept the dough warm and insulated without holding it down and it created a great seal to the bowl.

Hint: Add a touch of extra flour to the top of your dough to prevent the wrap from sticking. If you forget and it does stick, just use a bowl scraper to help separate your bubbly dough from the wrap. 

Containers Missing a Top?

I have a confession, our dishwasher eats Tupperware tops. Really though, am I the only one that mysteriously has 3,893 bottoms and 2 tops? It might be simple, but almost my number one use for my wraps is to securely close bowls, Tupperware, plates, baking dishes, etc. with a beeswax wrap. Simply press and warm with your hands to create a tight seal.  

Opening Lids

This may not be wrapping, but it's the best hack! A Beeswax Wrap will give you a ton of extra grip needed to open any stubborn jar.

Snack Cones

If you have been struggling to ditch ziplock bags or find silicon reusable bags a bit pricey, this is a great alternative. It does add a few extra seconds to your prep time, but they can be reused countless times. I also find these easier to wash because they can just be unfolded and rinsed off. These are my go-to pouches for packing snacks. Send the kids outside for a picnic and roll up nuts and other small treats into a simple cone they can eat right out of! Perfect for school lunches, picnics, car rides.... you get the idea!  

Wrapping Flowers and Plants

Skip the cellophane and try wrapping with Beeswax Wraps. (Hello! 2-gifts in one!) It's both a sustainable option and adds a little something special to your freshly picked bouquet.
I typically use the biggest wrap and secure with some twine or ribbon.
If flowers aren't your thing and you prefer a leafier plant, you can also use these wraps as a cute, temporary home if you don't have a pot ready for your newest addition!


  Its amazing how many uses you can find for Beeswax Wraps, and once you start, you won't even think about using plastic again.

These are just a few of the different ways I use my wraps... but I would love to hear about what you use them for!

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