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I wanted to talk a bit about entrepreneurship because it has been heavy on my heart lately. About a year and a half ago I reached a point in my business where I had to decide if I was all in.

I now realize that those moments are not a one time thing (I'm currently in the middle of one, don't worry- still all in!) and you are continually tested as a business owner. I needed some guidance and didn't really have any mentors or friends in a similar position to turn to. A truly fabulous friend got me on to Rachel Hollis, most specifically her RISE (and RISE together) podcast and it completely changed the trajectory of my business. If you are a parent, an entrepreneur, have a side hustle, need a kick in the butt, feeling down, basically anything, she is a great place to start. I started listening to her podcast and it made me realize a lot of things. Marriage is hard! Business is hard! Kids are crazy! But its all worth it and you’re not alone. She now runs a multi million-dollar business, has scaled from 4 employees to 44+ in the last year, has 4 kids and has been a foster mom to 4 kids as well. That’s some serious drive. I mean, it's next level impressive. And it's not luck. She has worked her a** off.  

We have all had our own journeys to get to where we are today, but I can tell you that I have never felt prouder and more accomplished than when I decided to start a business of my own. Being the boss and running your own business isn’t for everyone, but if you have fire in your heart and you want it bad enough- you can make it happen.

My number one piece of advice? Get hungry. I mean really hungry, for knowledge, for success, for mentors, for information and expect it to ebb and flow. One day its going to feel like you are making serious progress and the next you will feel like you took 10 steps back. Stick with it, find support and do your homework!

If you are just starting out, I have some amazing books that are currently giving me the push I need to pursue the next stage in my business, (and my life) and I hope they will help you too. If you “aren’t a reader” or “have no time fore reading”, get over it. Make the time (turn off Netflix), download the audio book (listen while driving or working out), these books have a lot of answers and you are missing out by passing them by. Those are excuses and they will not get you anywhere. TRUST ME.

Currently Reading/Loved & Made an Impact:

  1. Girl, Wash Your Face & Girl Stop Apologizing, by Rachel Hollis. She writes like she is talking to you and I love that style, shocking right? Rachel dives deep into many of the excuses you are currently using to not pursue your dreams, she calls you out and isn’t a cheerleader- she’s a tough love COACH. It’s the perfect place to start. If you are currently listening to her podcasts there is some overlap in her early episodes, but these are still worth the read. Major Take Away: Female empowerment all the way. You can do ALL the things and be CEO, no more excuses, YOU are in charge of your destiny, no one else.
  2. Everything is Figureoutable, by Marie Forleo. This is my current read and current favorite. I think its just hitting me right where I need a boost in this current season of life. This book is not only great for entrepreneurs but navigating life in general. It’s a mindset, “everything is figureoutable” may seem a tad overzealous, but Marie breaks the concept down into actionable steps that literally make anything possible. She has incredible drive, passion and advice for both women and men alike, I would HIGHLY recommend picking it up ASAP. Major Take Away: You are 42% more likely to attain a goal if you write it down. 42%!!!! I hope you are writing right now…
  3. The 5AM Club, by Robin Sharma. Okay, calm down, don’t skip this one because of the title. To be honest it sat on my nightstand untouched for 4 months before I picked it up, and then it changed my life. For real, I am not being dramatic, just enthusiastic. I read it and I believed in it, I talked about it and my husband read it. Now two “non morning people” get up between 4:45AM and 5AM five days a week and we LOVE it. Sharma's unique story telling ability keeps you engaged throughout the book, even when he tackles heavier ideas that require focus and reflection. There are quirky additions to the book such as the characters being surrounded by masked gunmen in the middle of a tropical oasis (intrigued yet?) that literally have you laughing out loud and then laser focusing back in on the concepts. This book will set you up for success and ensure that your daily habits are efficient, squeezing the most productivity you can out of a limited work schedule. Major Take Away: Work-life balance. Getting up early and taking care of business while everyone else is sleeping will not only make you more successful than everyone else, but happier too.  
  4. Who Will Cry When you Die?, by Robin Sharma. Again, not my favorite title and totally not appropriate for the book in my opinion. This is an easy read, each chapter/section is only a page or two and its chock full of brilliant, quick advice to guide your life in the right direction. Keep it on your bedside table, in the car, in the kitchen, wherever you might have 5 minutes to crush a couple of pages. Its perfect for bringing you back to your goals and keeping your vision top of mind. The book is highly effective and inspirational. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy, Daily Inspiration by Robin Sharma is excellent for this too. Major Take Away: Everyday is a gift, we need to use them wisely, don’t let your dreams die with you.
  5. Honorable Mentions- You are a Badass & You Are a Badass Everyday, by Jen Sincero. Jen is utterly hilarious, and these books will make you laugh out loud. Really great for anyone who suffers from anxiety or needs a little extra confidence boost. Major Take Away: “Heed the hollerings of your heart, grab hold the horns of uncertainty, and steer the snorting beast in the direction of your wildest dreams.” (Sincero, Badass Everyday)  

Books on My Bedside (Not all Entrepreneurial/ Self Growth):

  1. Atomic Habits, by James Clear. A book with a ton of buzz surrounding it and I’m a tad late to the party, recommended by all the people on Instagram. Clear discusses the ins and outs of establishing successful habits and breaking bad ones.
  2. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, by Robin Sharma. Another book that had a ton of buzz surrounding it about 10 years ago, I picked it up because of my obvious love for anything Sharma releases. My husband is currently reading this, and he’s obsessed! Ps. Did I mention my husband is a self proclaimed “non reader” and now he pesters me to hurry up on my current reads so he can have them next!
  3. The Latte Factor, by David Bach. A story targeting Baby Boomers and Millennials alike teaching financial independence. Recommended by Rachel Hollis
  4. Smart Women Finish Rich, by David Bach. Financial coaching for future planning, recommended by Rachel Hollis
  5. Where The Crawdads Sing, by Delila Owens. Fiction and highly recommended by everyone and their mom, looking forward to reading.
  6. Educated, by Tara Westover. A memoir that sounds utterly fascinating, also recommended by everyone and their grandpa, looking forward to reading.
  7. Roar, By Stacy T. Sims. I started Roar this summer after a friend highly recommended its game changing abilities while we both trained for Triathlons. Its completely turned my thoughts about training, eating and female athletics on its head. I HIGHLY recommend this book if you are an active woman remotely interested in fitness or nutrition.

Have you read any of the above books? Any books you are totally loving, and I don’t have on my list yet? Give me your thoughts, I would love to hear!




  • Congrats on the blog launch! Loving these book recommendations! Will be adding several of these to my list :) Thanks!

  • Congrats on the blog – love your writing style!
    Get on the Tara Westover book! It’s a story of true grit which is great for us entrepreneurs. I also highly recommend “Make Your Bed” by William H McRaven – it’s a quick read on 10 life lessons he learned as a Navy Seal commander!
    Keep it up Kristen!

    Deborah Moore

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