This is Halloween...2020

Halloween During a Pandemic. Hmm… it seems a bit like an oxymoron doesn’t it?

Personally, I feel like trick or treating may not be the best idea this year, so I have gotten creative with some close friends and we will hosting our own Halloween Crawl! Our kids are still at the age that we can get away with this and they are SO excited.

Halloween Party Crawl

Along with the few within our social bubble we are setting up a trick-or-treat stations in the backyard followed by a bonfire and Halloween S'mores. Each station will have a different theme, Dragons, Pumpkins, Skeletons, and there will be different treats or a craft at each station.

Low Waste (Social Distanced) Halloween Party Kit

For friends we can’t see on Halloween, the kids and I put together the perfect social distant Halloween Party goodie bags! Start by finding an inexpensive cotton tote bag that you can fill up with some great, low-waste Halloween fun!

Here's what ill be including in mine

+ Candy in recyclable boxes (smarties, nerds, pixie stix, etc.)

+ A can of flavoured sparkling water with a festive paper straw

+ Small jar of black paint and a paint brush to decorate the bag and pumpkin

+ Small pumpkin

+ Orange-all dressed up for the occasion

+ Fun stencil for the bag, that can be reused again and again

+ Halloween pencils or erasers

+ Paper Eyeball Stickers for pumpkin decorating and making everything look a little Halloween-y

+ A jar of your favorite homemade Halloween Treats (see below)

Make Some Sweet Treats

Tis the year for dropping off sweet surprises to loved-ones. (Please use precautions when preparing anything for someone outside your immediate family and use PPE when delivering to be safe). There are so many easy, amazing ideas on Pinterest- we made these Ghost Pretzels because I thought they were hilarious… and who doesn’t love a good chocolate pretzel!? How about a Monster Fruit Salad? Or slightly creepy Hot Dog Mummys?

What are your plans this October 31st ? Terrifying movie? Early to bed? I want to know!I hope you have a safe, and FUN Halloween!

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