The Dream Team's September Favs!

I promise I didn’t choose everything pumpkin spice and fall leaves, but for reals, its Fall. This is crazy town. Fall is hands down my favorite season; crisp, cool air, pumpkins, hot coffee with a little spice, beautiful colours, I am here for all the things. Our team struggled a bit to turn around another set of faves this week because these months just keep seem to be flying by! Its funny how some daily rituals you do, aren’t obvious to someone else and end up being great favorites to share (that’s what I leaned into this month). I hope you try out a few of mine and find them as awesome as I do!   

How I Built This Podcast with Guy Raz

This podcast is A-mazing for anyone with an interest is entrepreneurship, business growth and development or curiosity about how some of the biggest brands in the world started, failed and pushed on to become incredibly successful. Guy does an incredible amount of research on each of his interviewees and asks really amazing questions. He digs deep into the subjects history and finds amazing nuggets of information, differentiating each successes story so there isn’t a “once your heard one, you’ve heard them all” feeling. Last night I listened to the episode about Impossible Foods and the interview with founder, Pat Brown, its was mind blowing and SO interesting. UPDATE: Currently listening to Jo Malones story and WOW, again, sooooo good.

Its Blume Superfood Mixes

I have fallen in love with this brand. The two founders, Ella and Karen reside in Vancouver, BC and I wish we could be best friends. Their story and values are inspiring and honest. Two friends bonding over crap boyfriends, camping and dreams to do something great. They are relatable and ambitious, coming up with an amazing product that I really love (although, I do with the packaging was plastic free). Their superfood blends are a modern take on ancient traditions utilizing plant powers as natural aids (WHAT, yes!). Amazing mixed with warm milk, your morning granola, smoothies, salads, anything! Lately I’ve been using the new Pumpkin Spice Blend in the AM mixed with oat milk and a shot of Espresso to soothe inflammation and support digestion throughout the day. The (caffeine free) Cacao Turmeric Blend has been my go-to for winding down at night with a good book!    

Road Biking

Okay, I don’t know if this really counts... but it truly is one of my favs. I only hopped onto a road bike for the first time in the spring of 2019 in preparation for the triathlons I had promised myself I would do. As an avid spin class junky, I assumed it would be much the same. WRONG. In a great way, it is SO different. I fell a couple of times getting used to clipping my feet in and out of the pedals, but this summer I don’t even have to think when I come up to a stop sign. There really is nothing like an early morning ride, before the rest of the world is awake, flying down the road. Its a rush!    


I started listening to this podcast on CBC radio, I had heard of it before in between advertisements on other podcasts but was feeling unsure when they started talking about Drake but let me assure you, this is NOT a Drake podcast!  This podcast is hosted by Ty Harper, a radio producer and a documentarian who has covered Toronto’s hip-hop and R&B scene for a decade.  Harper takes the audience through a detailed description of Toronto’s hip-hop and R&B scene and how it created a platform for Drake to be the artist he is today.  This is Not a Drake Podcast explores the history and evolution of hip-hop, R&B and Black culture, while also taking a deep dive into gender dynamics and hip-hop’s relationship with Black Women.  I have found it hard to find podcasts that give you such clever insight and a historical deep dive into hip-hop and its culture but this was exactly what I was looking for, if this is something you are interested in, I would also check out Mogul Season 1 - The Life and Death of Chris Lighty.

GIGI MW | YouTuber

I have a wavy/curly hair texture and want to learn a better routine for my hair, get the right haircut [I cut my own hair last time and had too many layers] and use the right products.  With all these key ingredients, I am sure I will be able to unlock the full potential of my waves and curls.  It is hard to find information about what you should and shouldn’t be using on wavy|curly hair, there are so many different products out there and everyone’s hair varies slightly.  I came across Gigi MW on Youtube, a curly hair enthusiast, who makes you want to love your hair no matter what kind of texture or shape it is.  If you are looking for more information on how to take care of your curls and waves, Gigi is your girl.  You’ll find videos about living a sustainable lifestyle, vegan recipes and how to style and start your curly hair journey. Gigi is one of those Youtubers that makes you feel like you are hanging out with your best friend, to take a look at her videos, click here.


This is my go to album when I want to listen to something that is slow, calm and chill.  I’ve been a big fan of Mac Miller for a long time and was always so impressed to see the growth of his musical career and how transformative each album was.  As Miller released more albums he started to produce his own songs and experimented with singing and rapping, always expanding and growing with every song.  I was really saddened to hear the news of his passing in 2019. Circles was Miller’s first posthumous album that was put out through his family and completed by Jon Brion, the multi-instrumentalist who was involved in the album and polished it before it was released.  A portion of sales from Miller’s merch goes towards The Mac Miller Fund which supports young musicians with resources to reach their full potential as an artist.  The foundation also supports organizations that address problems of substance abuse in the music industry, if you would like to read more about the fund, click here. To stream Circles' deluxe version, along with their accompanied music videos, click here.

Old World Italian by Mimi Thorisson

What do I look for in a cook book? Recipes I wouldn't think to search for and beautiful imagery. Being born in Italy I am pretty familiar with several of the recipes in this cook book, but I had to purchase it solely for the gorgeous landscape and food photography that brings this book to life. Mimi takes you through each region with both stories and recipes. This cook book has had me day dreaming about my next trip back home since purchasing it.  

Thrifting and Antiquing | Brass Pitcher with Abalone Inlays

This is by no means a new favourite. I have been a long time picker and have found some of my favourite decor and furniture pieces in the dustiest of antique stores. This month though, I may have found my most valuable piece yet. I decided to take the scenic route on my way to the cottage and stopped by a local antique store. Buried behind milk glass and stoneware was this gorgeous Abalone pitcher. I knew I had to have it. After a few weeks I decided to look into the super fine print on the bottom and to my surprise found that it is worth quite a bit. Now, I know very little about this item other than it originated in Mexico in the 1960s. If any of you have any more information please leave a comment below! 

Ren Overnight Recovery Balm

With the cold weather quickly creeping in, it is time to add a little extra something to my night skincare routine. I have been loving this Overnight Recovery Balm by REN. It is part of the Clean at Sephora family and is free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates! I wake up with super moisturized under-eyes every morning!

September is the ideal time of the year to slow down, take stock of how things have been progressing over the last 9 months and then re-imagine a plan to end the year strong! Whilst I wander and ponder on the events of the year that past, it helps to have a rugged pair of shoes, an uplifting glass of tea and a new musical toy to play with. That is exactly what’s on my list this month! 

EGENTID from Ikea (Peppermint and Cocoa Tea)

A nice hot cup of tea is imperative to carving out some time for reflection and planning. On a recent trip to IKEA, I picked up this curious little packet of tea from the food market! Suzie and I spend a fair amount of time at the IKEA food market looking for exactly this type of thing! This peppermint Cocoa tea has earned a permanent place on our ever-expanding tea shelf.  

Oliberte Shoes

To be completely honest, I picked up these shoes awhile ago - around the time that Oliberte was closing their Ethiopian operations and moving it to Canada. I felt I wanted to contribute to the brand that operated the world's 1st Fair Trade Certified Footwear Factory. However, I only started using them this month and I simply cannot understand why I had not earlier. They have now moved operations to Canada and continue to ensure that their products are ethically sourced and made. These handcrafted shoes are the perfect pair for an evening stroll in the park!  

Bamboo Saxophone 

I can only manage to knock out a few songs on the guitar and a few tunes on the harmonica. It's true, I’m not the musically gifted one in the family but I do appreciate a good tune. Especially the sound of those soulful sax solos. So, to the internet I went and got myself this sweet bamboo sax from Erik the Flutemaker! The depth and richness of this tiny instrument continues to baffle me. I will be sure to update you on the progress of my sax playing by December.


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