The Dream Team's November Favourites!


With the holidays fast approaching, I can't get over how quickly this Fall has flown by.
With 2021 on the horizon, I am looking forward to closing this year on a high note and continuing along with great habits into the new year.
We have had an awesome November, and I can't wait to put some of our big ideas into action.
I'm jumping headfirst into December and Beyond 2020... let's go!

Unwrapped Shampoo and Conditioner Bar

I have officially made the switch for Dave, myself and the kids from plastic, bottled shampoo and conditioner to bars. The verdict? We are all in love! Including the kids! They can wash their hair themselves now, and the switch was so much easier than we all expected. I don't think we will ever go back! We have been using the Thickening Shampoo + Conditioner. The kids have been using the Untangle Me Shampoo + Conditioner; both smell fantastic but aren't overwhelming!

Ps. A word to the wise- do not leave your kids unattended with the new, exciting bars in the bath, or when you come back, they will be half the size-Agh! Lesson Learned.

The Atelier Collective | Beyond 2020

If you follow us on social media, you might have seen that I took part in the Atelier Collective conference, Beyond 2020, in early November. It was so inspiring (all virtual), with speakers like Glennon Doyle, Komal Minhas, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Lewis, Angela Duckworth and Rosemary Sadlier. I was sad it was only one day! Filled with tactical information and inspiration, I wish I had booked the rest of the week off to plot out big plans for 2021, inspired by them! The Atelier was founded by Angela Osborne and Taryn Herriot for ambitious women in business. I learned so much, and it was such a high to come off of. I love taking part in conferences, and I highly recommend anything Angela and Taryn come up with. Keep your eyes peeled for 2021 planning workshops and seminars in the new year.

Ps. Even if you think you aren't a "conference person" (neither was I), this is a great one to get your feet wet with.

The Oversized Sweater (Convertible) by VETTA

Last year, I bought this sweater to invest in higher-end, practical pieces that are sustainable and ethically made. VETTA was one of the brands that I researched and decided I would try. They operate on a capsule wardrobe idea, encouraging the idea of purchasing less, higher quality, convertible pieces. This sweater is actually 3-in-1. With a removable turtle neck and buttons all the way down the front/back for a cardigan or closed sweater option. It is hands down the best clothing purchase I have ever made, and I will invest in another one. I had had this beauty for a year, and it's still in perfect condition. I highly recommend checking them out!

Ps. I ordered the size S, and it's the perfect oversized cut (not sloppy and still polished, but long enough to cover a bit of my butt!).

Match Lite Permanent Match

Hands up if you like lighting a match but hate single-use items! This right here is the best of both worlds. I love using this permanent match to light candles that are almost done, instead of squeezing my hand in with a regular lighter and almost burning myself. Yes, I know I can use a bbq lighter, but it doesn't look as pretty sitting in a catchall. This was not an easy find, and I ended up purchasing mine in vintage condition from a lighter enthusiast on Etsy.

Eminence Lime Stimulating Masque

Over the last several months, I've found that my skin has been looking very dull. A friend recommended I looked into trying the Eminence Lime Stimulating Masque. I do not recommend this if you have sensitive skin, but if your skin is anything like mine (not sensitive or prone to breakouts), I think you will love this. It is made to help improve circulation and gets HOT. It can leave your skin red for a few hours, so be sure to do this before bed. Eminence products are natural, biodynamic and sustainable. As well as paraben, soy, gluten, and nut-free andddd never tested on animals.

Bonus, with the purchase of any item on their website Eminence, plants a tree! I've planted 3 trees to date and plan on planting many more. They are a Certified B Corporation and part of the Forest for The Future organization.

Chnge Apparel

I have been following CHNGE on Instagram for a while now and will finally be receiving my CHNGE T-shirt! No, I have not received it yet. It's supposed to be a surprise Christmas gift from my sister. Still, I had to include it here because I absolutely love this company!

CHNGE donates 50% of its net profit to a charitable organization. They believe business can and should give as much as they take and, as a startup, have donated over $270,000 to various organizations. They believe in creating quality apparel in the most sustainable and ethical ways they can. They are transparent about where their garments are made, how much water was saved, how much CO2 was prevented, and how many pesticides were avoided with your garment's purchase. 

I had my sister wait until Tuesday to make her gift purchase since they donated 50 meals for EVERY purchase made! Just incredible. 

Sweater Weather candle from Pretty by Her

I know I mentioned Pretty by Her in my gift guide already, but Kelly is THAT good! I would be lying if I said Pretty by Her isn’t THE first thing that comes to mind when thinking of some of my favourite things. This Sweater Weather candle is the perfect transition piece for fall into winter and really gives off that warm and cozy feeling like the scent says. So much so, I have had to treat myself when I want to burn it because I was going through it so quickly! Kelly describes it as feeling like you are tucked under a big warm blanket, and that is precisely the feeling it gives me. It is very light and quite subtle, and so it doesn’t leave that taste in your mouth like I find some candles do. As I mentioned in my gift guide, her candles are all soy-based, plate-free, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. I already have so many ideas on how I’m going to repurpose the cute jar they come in!

MOOD with Lauren Elizabeth | Podcast

So, candles and podcasts, definitely two things that define quarantine for me. I was never, and I mean never, interested in podcasts until 8 months ago when I had all kinds of spare time. I found they were the perfect way to zone out without feeling like I was straining my eyes watching TV. I have also found them to be a huge help in personal development and learning new things, which has been another mission throughout this pandemic. Lauren Elizabeth is the perfect mix for me of fun and uplifting but honest and raw. She talks about everything from mental health and her experiences to her “mood boosters” (whether that be products, experiences or ways of thinking). I always look forward to a new episode by her because they truly never disappoint.

Cheesy Netflix Christmas movies

There, I said it. I like cheesy Christmas movies. I feel like you’re lying if you say you don’t. But honestly, this year has been a whirlwind, and normally, I don’t engage in “holiday-related activities” until December. Still, I think we all needed the mood boost. I didn’t feel comfortable doing anything “holiday” until after Remembrance Day, but the following weekend, I dove into my first Christmas movie.

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