The Dream Team's January Favourites!

January has come and gone, and it's time for another Monthly Favs! Keep reading to check out what's on the Dream Teams list this month.




Being a small business is hard, but it has been especially trying during the pandemic.  Ali Haberstroh, the Toronto creator of Not-Amazon, felt that there was not enough being done to support the small business community. With Amazon's accessibility and efficiency, it has become a monopoly that has removed a lot of other businesses out of the picture - which is where Not-Amazon was born. Initially starting out as a spreadsheet on Instagram, Not-Amazon, has now blown up into a website directory that features over 4,000 small businesses in TorontoHalifaxCalgary and Vancouver.  Ali, who does not profit from the site at all, has a spotlight section that features her favourite Black, Indigenous, LGBTQAI and women-owned businesses! To support local and small, check out Not-Amazon to find your new fave small businesses. They've recently updated their site, which is another great excuse to check them out. If you're a small business, you can click here to sign up for Not-Amazon's directory.



 I have been listening to this Dayglow's album, Fuzzybrain, nonstop since I first heard it. It is the perfect combination of fun, upbeat music and catchy lyrics. With its synthy sound and spacey vibe, Dayglow's music gives the nod to the '80s but with an indie-pop twist. This album and Dayglow's music is so interchangeable. You can listen to it when you want to mellow out and stay calm or if you want to have a dance party in your room. Dayglow's Sloan Struble is a self-made artist who produces, sings and mixes all of his own music. He also has a lovely series on his YouTube called "How I Made..." which takes a deep dive into how he made each song. If you've watched any of his videos or listened to his music, you'll know that Sloan is having fun and creating the music he wants by being himself. Sloan encourages everyone that they can also follow their dream by being themselves - this can be shown in the cover section on his YouTube channel. I can't wait for his next album to drop, and I hope you are as excited as me to listen to Fuzzybrain. To hear the album, click here and to check out his wholesome YouTube channel, click here.


What did I do on my break over the holidays? I watched YouTube and a lot of it. I've seen Brae Huzinker's channel pop up on my feed a handful of times but didn't fully dive in until the past month, and I've already watched half of his videos. They are that good. Brae Huzinker is a film photographer based in Seattle, Washington. He makes videos that show behind the scenes of how he captures his photos. Each video is full of adventure, nature and great photography. What I love about his videos is that they are filmed so well. The music is always perfect, the photos he takes are so nice, and his videos are always entertaining. You can tell Brae puts a lot of effort into his videos and the stories behind each photo. Brae's videos are calm, slow and inspiring, which isn't always easy to find online. To support Brae, click here and click here or here to watch my favourite videos that he has posted. They look like they're straight out of a movie.



I think this might be the third item by Shea Moisture, but their products are so incredible. They are a cruelty-free, fair-trade, B Certified company, and their products are free of harmful chemicals and fillers. Over the last six months, I have been experiencing a lot of breakage and hair loss and have found this combined with a few other products, has saved my hair. I have listed the other products I have been using below incase your curious! Ps, my hair is curly and fine. 

Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density
Every day on a clean scalp 
Sunny Isle Black Castor Oil
On my hairline the night before washing my hair 
Rice water hair rinse of apple cider vinegar
After conditioning 
Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment
After rice or ACV rinse
Manuka Honey and Yogurt Hydrate Multi-Action Leave-In
On clean damp hair mid-length to ends + on ends till next hair wash day
100% Coconut Oil Leave-In
On clean damp hair mid-length to ends + on ends till next hair wash day


Since learning how awful abrasive exfoliates are for your skin, I have switched to chemical exfoliants. Although I love my new skincare routine, I feel like my serums aren't absorbing as easily. I decided to try out facial razors to rid of dead skin and peach fuzz. I loved the results, but the razors can only be reused a few times, and it was incredibly wasteful. After searching and searching, I came across the Little Eco Company on Etsy. Their facial razors are made of wheat straw, and they offer a return label with each box so the razors can safely be removed from the handle and recycled correctly. 


 I'm just getting in Emotional Oranges, so I don't have much to say about this one, but this song has me daydreaming about summer days. Give it a listen. I promise it's a bop. 



The past few months, I have been a huge "drink" person. By that, I mean I have enjoyed having a special drink either to start my day or as an afternoon pick me up; whether that be a tea, tea latte, green juice, smoothie, etc. (Don't worry, I'm not talking about having a glass of wine when I wake up in the morning haha). I have just found a lot of enjoyment through trying new dairy-free creamers, making my juices or finding a refreshing & veggie-packed juice at the grocery store. For secret Santa this year, my friend included the Loop Morning Glory juice in my gift (with a bottle of champagne to make mimosa's -- how cute)! I had seen Loop at a few grocery stores lately and was very pleasantly surprised. I say I was surprised because Loop makes their juices (and many other products) out of food waste (which automatically you wouldn't think to be appealing, but let me tell you, the liquids are divine)! By this, they mean that they partner with food industries to use leftover food waste that would otherwise be simply tossed out. Food waste can be a significant contributor to climate change when it ends up in a landfill. It releases a greenhouse gas called methane. Loop also states that 56% of food in Canada is thrown away (Yeah, I was also shocked by that number!). Any-who, I love the mission behind this company and have since tried their Beach Bum juice (which I also loved -- yellow pepper, pineapple, ginger & turmeric) and am on the lookout for some of their green juices (because I'm a weirdo and actually like the taste of vegetables in juice, celery juice being one of my favs..). They also make smoothies, immunity shots, sparkling water, alcoholic beverages, soap, dog treats, you name it! This is a company I can get behind! The only thing I would prefer is if their juices come in glass or a more sustainable material (although you can recycle their plastic containers)! I suggest grabbing one of these next time you spot them at the grocery store because they are so refreshing, and I love having a juice or a ginger shot of sorts on an empty stomach (it starts my day off with a kick!).


So I heard the hype about this from a few of my favourite "content creators/influencers." (I feel like those titles hold such a negative perception, but essentially some of my favourite people to follow along with.) This journal is meant for people who don't journal, and although I do enjoy the concept of writing in a journal, I am not great at setting out an allotted period of time to do so. This daily journal is meant to take only 5 minutes or so out of your day but really help to refocus your attention on the positive. I started it about a week into January, and I love it! In the morning, you are met with either a quote or a weekly challenge and asked three things you are grateful for, three things that would make today great and two affirmations. In the evening, you then reflect on three amazing things that happened and how you could have made the day better. I have seen a few people shift this last part to something like "1 thing I am looking forward to tomorrow" because in this time, we are easily so hard on ourselves, and we need that extra bit of positivity. Overall, I have found it a nice addition to my morning and night routine, which are two things I am trying to tighten up and stick to because I find that I feel so much better! One of the quotes I saw recently was by Oprah Winfrey "Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough." This is an example of one of the quotes you may see at the top of the page!


My parents started this show just after Christmas, and at the beginning of the second episode, I sat down to see what it was all about. Little did I realize I would become hooked (to say the least). I haven't watched many serious shows lately (that require attention), so I expected to just sit through that episode and then go back to watching New Girl (a personal fav). But the way it ended off, I had to know what happened next. Now writing this, we are starting season 3 after about two weeks (and I imagine once this is published, we will have finished the show. If you want a full review, hit me up!). Part of why I enjoy it so much is the routine of sharing with my parents, as it is not often we all watch something together. I enjoy predicting what's going to happen and reacting to big twists together. Essentially, the show follows the aftermath of a bombing at the Capitol building that killed hundreds (including the president and all of his staff) and leaves Tom Kirkman (11th inline, may I add) as the designated survivor. Tom quickly becomes president in this time of absolute trauma (like I when I say fast, I mean they literally rush him to the white house, and this all happens in a matter of minutes). We follow Tom and the staff he works with as they handle future threats, natural disasters, and everything you can think of. I found the first season (precisely the first half) to be very fast-paced, and I loved the way I felt at the end of an episode, craving more insight into what happened! As the second season progresses, it is not quite as crazy, although it is still so interesting to follow. This is certainly not a show I would have thought to sit down and watch by myself, and I am happy I chose to give it a chance that first night my parents watched it (although not sure they would say the same, I kind of invited myself to continue it with them lol). It can be a little overly dramatic at times, but that gives us something to laugh about. I would suggest it to anyone (even if political shows are not typically your thing, because they are not mine), and you can find it on Netflix

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