The Dream Team's May Favourites

Hey Friends!

It's officially June. The sun is shining, Pride Month is upon us, and Spring/Summer 2021 seems to be shaping up to be a good one! We've had quite a busy month, but we're back with another monthly favs. Enjoy!

Christen’s Favourites


Hillcroft Bamboo Housecoat | in green (OEKO-TEX Certified)
I have been eyeing these beautiful housecoats ever since they launched a couple of years ago, and Dave surprised me with one on Mothers Day this year! These housecoats are sewn locally with beautiful OEKO-TEX Certified bamboo/cotton blend fabric, and the company was founded by a young female entrepreneur, Courtney (now Mompreneur!). The deep olive green is stunning in person, and I am obsessed with the soft, slinky feel of this robe. It’s thick enough to still feel cozy but not so thick that you sweat in it while drinking your morning coffee. I will be living in this all summer and fall! Check them out on IG too Hillcroft Housecoats



Mephisto Sandals
Okay, don’t judge a book by its cover, okay? Stay with me. These sandals straight-up changed my life when I started wearing them ten years ago, and they are such a part of my daily routine that I forget to talk about them now. I struggled with arch pain, back pain, etc., from years of wearing unsupportive shoes and flip-flops through university (hello Uggs all winter and cheap flip flops, I’m looking at you), and my doctor, actually recommended Mephistos. I have now converted my whole immediate family to them. These are NEXT LEVEL. No breaking-in required, so comfortable, proper support and cushioning (I feel like I sound old right now...). I have an indoor pair that goes on as soon as I come home and an outdoor pair that I wear in the summer. Yes, you pay up for these, but they are SO worth it and will last for years and years. If you are looking for an excellent summer sandal with a “birks” look to it, I highly recommend these. (Nothing against birks... but they just didn’t work for me or fit me properly, and these do the trick). Ps... These would be so cute for winter!



Nota Archetype Notebook | Indigo
I think Indigo might have rebranded these notebooks since I bought one last, so mine is a different colour, but these are hands-down my favourite notebooks right now (and I stock up every time they are on sale). They have four tabs, and under each tab, there is a different type of paper (ruled, dot-grid, graph and blank). I now carry two of them with me everywhere I go because one still has room in one section of it, but I needed more space for sketches and notes. It’s well made, and a “better Basic” if you ask me. Sewn spine and each page lays flat when writing. Highly recommend it for all of your note, sketch and doodle purposes!


Rachel’s Favourites 


Stojo | Reusable Cup
Stojo makes a line of reusable cups, water bottles and lunch containers that are ultra-portable and leakproof - I can definitely confirm this for their water bottle. My sister and I have been testing out our Stojo’s since the end of last year, and we love it! I haven’t used the collapsible feature a lot, but it’s been super simple to throw in your bag or clip onto it when I have. It’s super compact and easy to carry. I love the handle that comes on the lid, and it is perfect for walks or when you’re on the go. My only complaint is that the water bottle isn’t big enough - please Stojo, create a larger bottle for longer adventures!! Hop Tip: I find I get a better clean with my water bottle when I use a scrub brush instead of putting it in the dishwasher or soaking it!  
This bottle comes in a ton of different colours, which make it personalized for your lifestyle. If you don’t want to pay for duties and customs, check out any local locations that carry the bottle, and I hope you love it as much as I do! PS. their website is super fun - definitely check it out and see if you can find whack a Stojo!



I was recommended the movie Whiplash, from a YouTube video I saw online that did a deep dive into the editing and scoring of the film. Whiplash is about a talented and hardworking musician who will stop at nothing to become a legendary drummer. When he enrolls in a prestigious music conservatory, he is challenged and pushed by a mentor who has no boundaries to get his students to realize their full potential. A psychological thriller, Whiplash, shows you an honest and shocking look at how far people will go when everything feels like it is on the line. The scoring, editing, and acting are so sharp and quick that you will be on the edge of your seat. Whiplash is available on Amazon’s streaming platform if you would like to check it out!



Worn Stories
I recently started watching Worn Stories on Netflix, and it has been so inspiring and wholesome. With thirty-minute episodes that are heartfelt and quirky, the show interviews people about their most meaningful piece of clothing and the backstory behind it. Each episode focuses on a different theme - uniforms, survival, growing up, etc., and it is inspiring to see how much clothing and identity can create the person you want to be. The creativity behind the series is fun and playful, filled with animated characters and stop motion. The series interviews the most interesting people that have lived wonderful and purposeful lives - my favourite and most inspiring episodes are episode 3 - Beginnings and episode 5 - Uniforms! If you want a feel-good, uplifting show, this is the one for you. Check out the trailer here and to learn more about the books that inspired the show and the creator behind it, Emily Spivack, click here.


Joe’s Favourites 

I’ve been looking at my India from afar and feeling helpless, as things back home have escalated to a scary and frightening degree. It has been a hard month, but I’m lucky that I have the privilege of knowing two amazing humans who have kept my hopes and spirits up. Here’s how they continued to inspire me.

Disha Gursahaney
My friend Disha Gursahaney started selling her own used book on her Instagram (@dishdashdishoom). She is donating the proceeds to various charities helping people across India during these challenging times. She has so far received and sold about 220 books! Raising and donating over $1300 across ten different charities. There’s no sign of her stopping as support for her #ReadThroughThisPandemic continues to grow.



Photographer extraordinaire, Parabjeet Singh
Parabjeet Singh aka Johnny, just released his coffee table book “Light.” A book about the people he’s met and lessons he’s learned during a challenging period of his life. The 15 stories features  photographs shot throughout 2020 as he was stranded in Australia and unable to return to Bangalore, India. Light is filled with stories that inspire and make you believe in second chances. He dedicates this book to life’s surprises. This book represents light at the end of the tunnel. He is also donating a portion of the proceeds to COVID relief charities across India. My very own signed copy is currently on its way! 



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