The Dream Team's March Favourites!

Hey friends!

It’s been a while since I’ve popped onto the blog  but it has given me a lot of time to find some new faves and this month's list is full of game changers.  Get ready and let’s dive in!
- Rachel



I am new to the world of weighted blankets, but I have to say- I am officially converted. I picked up great kids weighted blankets at Christmas, and both of my littles quickly fell in love with them. I think they are sleeping better, and it has completely eliminated the multiple times they would get out of bed before finally falling asleep. I recently picked myself up one, and I LOVE it. They are known to help reduce anxiety, ease sleep troubles, calm a restless body and a number of other things. So far, so good! 




I tried to find this recipe online, but it must only be available in the cookbook; I’m sorry! It’s honestly become a weeknight favourite in our house. It’s SO easy and fast made in the Insta Pot and provides slow-cooked flavour despite only taking about ½ an hour from start to finish (the majority of that in the pot!). Made with smoky enchilada sauce and tomatillo salsa (both of which I had never even bought before I encountered this recipe), the flavour is already built-in, and the pressure cooker creates chicken that falls apart with ease. This soup is all about the fun toppings: chunks of avocado, crushed tortillas, plain greek yogurt, cheese and chives…. My mouth is watering…. 





I was shamelessly upsold this in my local grocery store while walking around with a competitor’s product; the saleswomen successfully sold me on it, offered me a coupon, and I put down the other product and bought this one. I’m glad I did! Unfortunately, I just noticed it’s been discontinued, but there is a new version here, and it will be my next purchase. I mix mine with milk and a shot of espresso in the morning to start my day, and it tastes like a guilt-free treat! Turmeric has natural anti-inflammatory properties, and the hint of coconut milk and cardamom is a dream. Highly recommend for a delicious start to your morning or caffeine-free evening cup of comfort.





I have super dry skin and have been using Bio-Oil on my face for years! The South-African-based company rarely comes out with new products unless it is something they stand behind. They recently came out with their latest product, Bio-Oil Gel, which is a heavy gel for dry skin.  

Many creams and lotions carry a lot of water in their products, but our skin naturally repels water, while oil can easily seep into our skin. Bio-Oil Gel is made of oil and is a thicker gel that allows for moisture to stay in your skin instead of evaporating. For $14.00 CAD, you can get a 100mL container; a small portion of the gel goes a long way; I have only been using mine for about a month but have barely made a dent in it. What’s great about Bio-Oil Gel is that it is non-comedogenic, meaning it does not clog pores! If you add this gel to your daily routine and use it regularly, it is a game-changer for anyone that has dry skin. I am so happy they came out with this product, it is so reliable, and I don’t have to worry about my skin feeling dry throughout the day #gamechanger.




I’ll admit, I can be quite influenced by YouTubers these days, especially if everyone I follow is using a new product and won’t stop talking about how great it is, but this product is definitely a win. The Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush by Max Soft is a product that I bought after hearing raving reviews about it from so many YouTubers. This shampoo brush will make it easier to wash your hair, get rid of buildup, and it will feel amazing. It is made up of silicone bristles that are soft enough to create a comfortable lather with shampoo but sturdy enough to help clean your scalp. If you have thicker or dense hair, like me, it can be hard to make sure your scalp is cleaned properly but using this scalp massager will help you create a healthier scalp. The handle on the back makes it so comfortable and easy to use that you will be looking forward to your next wash day. I could unfortunately only find this brand on Amazon, but there are many different brushes out there that are pretty similar; make sure when you purchase it, it’s silicone and not rubber!  




TMI, but when you run out of underwear during the week because you don’t have enough - it’s time to buy new underwear, and that is currently where I am at! I have been searching for a new collection of underwear that is not only good quality but ethically and sustainably made. It can be overwhelming to find one you like because there are so many brands and purchasing underwear is an investment that can be expensive. On my search, I found Jazmine@mycurlytop, who created an amazing video that goes through her favourite Ethical Underwear brands; she even tries them on in a green screen suit, so you know you’re in for a creative treat. The editing in this video is beautiful and seamless, making it fun and informative to watch. To check out the video, click here

Another great resource I found online was Joanna from Jojotastic, who has created a series called “Underwear Thesis.” This series takes a deep dive into a wide collection of underwear that Joanna is testing out with an in-depth review of each brand and a grading system - including a grade for sustainability, inclusivity and transparency, click here to check it out.

Brands to check out - Knickey and Nude the Label.  Thinx and Knix are both great sustainable solutions for people with periods - they also both have a teen line! HOT TIP - check out your local businesses to see if they sell any of these collections instead of ordering internationally and paying for customs | duties. Good luck with your underwear search!





This beautiful book has earned itself a space on our tiny coffee table so that we are reminded to pick it up, turn to a random page and taken its - kind, restorative and simple messages of love. Charlie Mackesy’s words and the illustrations are nothing short of genius. Thank you, Prathyu, for gifting us this book!





I grew out my beard this winter and realized that I was buying these tubs of beard balm that I didn’t really like all that much. My options were limited. After a couple of days of research and I figured out it wasn’t that hard to make. So off to the (virtual) market, I went to get myself the ingredients to make my very own beard balm. That’s when I found Coop Coco - I was able to get all the oils I needed shipped to my house. I made a cedarwood beard balm with coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and beeswax. I have enough to last me a while and even give some out as gifts. All for the price it would have cost me for two small tubs. I will never ever get store-bought beard balm again.





This is our third year in a row of getting our seeds from Urban Harvest. This year our patio garden is going to be primarily flowers native to the Carolinian region. We are tracking the impact our small little garden can have on the ecosystem. Learn more about the WWF initiative called “In The Zone” which help us identify plants that are native to our region that needs help to be restored. A huge plus is that these flowers attract pollinators, and we defiantly want these visitors in our garden.

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