The Dream Team's July Favourites

Christen Favourites

I’m not sure how another month has flown by us, but here we are! August! Below are a few of my favs from the month, some indulgent, others an extension of favourites I have already told you about, here we go...

Hanna, Season 2

Oh my. I told you about Hanna Season 1, and they magically, Amazon popped up on my phone last month to let me know that the second season was out. Let me tell you, it does not disappoint- possibly even better than the first season Hanna continues to be a badass and my idol. Enjoy.

I Believe, by Christina Perri

This has been my anthem this month, maybe its a bit cheesy, but its really giving me a bit of a boost. Life isn’t always easy and this blaring in my earphones kicks my butt into gear. I first heard the song when I was at the RISE conference and Rachel Hollis had us all stand up (thousands), hold hands, (yes, with strangers, right before COVID and we are all just fine), and sing this. I’m not joking. It was insanely powerful and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house when we made it to the end. You may immediately think this isn’t for you, trust me, I was there at the beginning, but I am wholeheartedly and would recommend it to anyone. (Now I’m talking about the RISE conference... sorry for the change in favourites) 

“This is not the end of me, this is the beginning.... hold on....”

I’m not crying, your crying.

LOVE Bracelet, by Ubuntu Life

My Birthday was last weekend and my sweet sister got me a gorgeous beaded bracelet made by Maasai Mums in Kenya. A triple whammy not only for its beautiful design and craftsmanship, but proceeds support local sustainable employment AND it is the best daily reminder of our incredible family adventure to Africa last March (where we actually met the massai people and spent time on their land). A beautiful cause and a beautiful reminder of the journey of a lifetime. I am so happy to have found this company through my sister, who further makes positive change through their Ubuntu Life Foundation which focuses on providing pediatric health and special needs education across the region in Kenya.

Rainbow Wave Sneakers by Soludos

These just make me straight up happy. They perk up any outfit and send “Good Vibes” to any of the lucky folks that happen to see me walking away from them (they say GOOD VIBES on the heels). These are by far the most comfortable sneakers I have ever owned and are super soft allowing me to “happily move through the world”.

Rachels Favourites


HAIM is a three-piece sister band who recently released their third album, Women In Music Pt. III.  I have really loved listening to HAIM’s previous albums but this one takes the cake and is by far my favourite album they have released.  It is an easy listen and is perfect for a summer drive as the sun sets in the background or around a campfire.  This album seems a lot more experimental and purposeful, it includes voice-overs and perfectly placed autotune to create more depth in each of the songs.  The use of background noise transports you into HAIM’s raw and curated world.  

The lyrics are more emotional and seem to connect with specific moments in their lives but with the perfect combination of the melody, this album transcends genres and has a taste of the Chumbawamba - Tubthumping/Spice Girls (3 AM), the early 90’s|2000’s, Sheryl Crow (I’ve Been Down), DJ Sammy - Heaven (Gasoline), Alessia Cara (Another Try), George Ezra (Leaning on You) and Shania Twain (Man from the Magazine).  This album starts with a saxophone and ends with a saxophone, tying it perfectly together.  I have added this to my 2020 summer albums alongside KOTA the Friend’s album EVERYTHING.  If you would like to listen to HAIM’s music you can check out their YouTube for the full album or check out their website for more info:


Audrie Storme is a YouTuber from California that I recently started watching online.  Her videos focus on DIY, food, fashion and lifestyle all styled and edited with a retro feel.  Audrie’s videos are slow (veggie recipes, plant care and slow fashion), calming and inspiring which has been the mantra I have been trying to carry with me throughout the past few months, watching Audrie’s videos helps me stay within that focus.  

Audries filming and editing are so well done, creating consistent and eye-catching content, if you want to stay slow, calm and inspired, you can check out Audrie’s YouTube here or check out her blog for more info.


If you have been following our Monthly Faves, you will know that I recommended Esther Perel’s podcasts  How’s Work and Where Should We Begin, I have now finished both podcasts and in one of the ads they recommended checking out Motherhood Sessions which is hosted by Dr. Alexandra Sacks.  Motherhood Sessions focuses on anonymous sessions with moms and renowned reproductive psychologist Dr. Alexandra Sacks. 

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to connect with this podcast because I am not a mom but listening to Motherhood Sessions has helped me realize that imposter syndrome, race and difficult family dynamics follow through motherhood.  This podcast has helped me stay calm and slow as I hear different perspectives that are outside my regular realm of what I know, they discuss different ways of being a mom and what that means to different people, which I think is important to talk about.  Dr Alexandra Sacks creates a safe space for mothers to have conversations that are usually hard to have outside of a therapist office, even if you are not a mom, this is a great listen!  If you would like to check out the podcast, you can stream it online here.


 Good Girls is an American TV show that follows three suburban moms that are having a hard time making ends meet so they decide to rob a grocery store only to discover that a lot more comes with the robbery then expected.  I have been watching Good Girls since the first season and it always keeps me on the edge of my seat.  I have watched it with my mum and we have been waiting MONTHS for it to come back onto Netflix, it had an early release through NBC months before and was finally released on Netflix this past month.  We started watching it this past week and it is more intense and extreme than before, it is also great to watch three female leads work together as a team instead of tearing each other down.  If you want to see these three super moms, you can check it out on Netflix or NBC

Cindys Favourites


I have been flying through my summer reading list and thanks to Thriftbooks I have been able to save quite a bit of money while doing so! Thriftbooks carries over 13 million, new and classic titles for a fraction of the price. They thoroughly sort through all their books and rate their condition between New and Acceptable. If you are the hunt for a rare title, you can add it to your wishlist and they will notify you when they have stocked it. I recently purchased a hardcover copy of The Garden of Eden by Ernest Hemmingway which otherwise only been able to find as a paperback! Bonus: Thriftbooks ship all of their books in 100% recyclable packaging anddd if there is no demand for a specific book, they will donate it to charity.

Cantu Shea Butter Styling Gel

As someone with curly, fine hair, I struggle to find any styling products that won’t weigh my hair down. I decided to try Cantu because their products are free of alcohol, mineral oils, sulphate, parabens, silicones, phthalates, paraffin and propylene glycol!! Amazing, right? Apart from the clean ingredients list, this styling gel does what it claims. It provides hold without crunch or flaking and doesn’t leave my hair greasy or feeling (and looking) weighed down. I typically use it to slick my hair back into a bun, but since chopping my hair off I have been using it to give my baby curls a little extra bounce and definition. 

Dried flowers - Aflora

I am an indoor plant lover but unfortunately, I currently do not have enough light to keep anything but a fern alive. Instead, I’ve started collecting dried flowers and foliage. I am actually a little obsessed. I prefer to shop local and typically purchase all my fresh and dried flowers from MIKA, Aflora also carries a beautiful selection!

Senza Bamboo Toothbrush

I’m currently swapping all my plastics for metal or bamboo. Its been a pretty easy swap but the one thing I could not find was a toothbrush. Although there are currently many options on the market, most brands only offer soft bristols. I decided to try Senza Bamboo after spotting the compostable pack at Wholefoods and absolutely love it. The brush head is the size of standard adult toothbrush and although it is labelled as a soft bristle toothbrush, I found that it is more on the medium to hard side. 

Joes Favourites

United by Blue – Enamel Mug 

I absolutely love my Enamel Mug from UBB. I love that it’s the kind of mug that will stay in use for as long as you’ll have it. There is no chance of it breaking and that’s usually how mugs are retired in my house. Can’t wait to take it on my camping trip this month!! As a bonus UBB removes 1 lb of plastic from the ocean for every product purchased from them. 

Podcast: Meditative Story

I realized I needed to put a little bit more effort into my mindfulness practice. I had been slacking recently and then I chanced upon this gem of a podcast. Meditative Story combines real human stories with meditation prompts sprinkled into the storylines — all surrounded by breathtaking music. The quick 30 min episodes are just the right length to energize my mind and start the morning off well. 

Book: Backroads of Ontario – Ron Brown 

This is the year we discover Ontario! This book takes you along some of the most beautiful and secluded backroads in Ontario. We have explored 3 of these backroad routes so far and it does not disappoint!  We drive up to the start of each route, turn off the GPS, pull out an old paper map and meander our way through winding picturesque county roads. 

Book: Overstory – Richard Powers 

I will never look at a tree the same way again and I have this book to thank for that. Powers weaves an intricate story with many strong characters all of whom branch and canopy like the trees in this exhaustive environmental novel that is a must-read especially in the time we live in. This book was my 1st foray into the genera of Environmental fiction, and it fueled my thirst for more.

We hope you enjoyed this month's favourites!
We would love to know what you've been loving this month so be sure to leave it below! 

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