The Dream Team's February Favourites

Hey friends! 

Can you believe its already March!? Spring is just around the corner and we couldn't be more excited. We have a ton of new favs to share with you. If you have read or tried any of the below, let us know in the comments! 

Christen's Favourites 

Everist Waterless Shampoo and Conditioner Concentrates
A friend of mine and her partner just launched Everist, and the first line of waterless shampoo and conditioner concentrates ever! They are truly amazing. Everything from the packaging, shipping and production has been thoroughly thought through and evaluated from a sustainability perspective. The tubes are made from infinitely recyclable aluminum, and you are given a metal tube key that not only helps turn the tube down with ease but it ensures none of the product is wasted. The only plastic piece in this whole equation is the cap, and they have thought of that too; enter the cotton 'cap bag' included in your order. A tiny cotton bag to keep your caps in, and once it's full, download a shipping label from Everist and ship them back to be reused.
I have been testing the product for over a week now, and I am beyond impressed with my hair- think expensive salon shampoo feel without ANY of the scary chemicals, fragrances, plastic bottles and price tag. What also gets me excited is the clear thought that went into this product. Jayme and Jessica took their time, thought through all phases of a product and executed it well. I can't wait to see what they come up with next. Massive cheers to these two powerful women, taking on this new business venture together.(This product was gifted, but the opinions are not only 100% my own, but honest too.)


A Court of Silver Flames, by Sarah J. Maas
Quite possibly, one of my favourite authors of all time in the Fictional Fantasy/ Romance category has finally dropped the fourth book in her Court of Thorns and Roses series, and I couldn't be more thrilled. I'm already into the book and can't stop thinking about it. Maas has a couple of series that I am obsessed with, but this was the first series of hers that I found, and I LOVE the characters and world she has built. Her detail is incomparable, and the writing is exceptional. The 4th book jumps right back into it, and I can't recommend it highly enough if you are remotely into kick-ass female leads, a bit of magic and some romance for good measure. Now I want to go home and curl up with my book!



West Coast Seeds
Shockingly, it's already that time again, and I am starting to prep for my second official season of gardening. Last year I learned A LOT, for example; cabbage worms are evil, gardening is emotional and don't cage in a million tomato plants, or they will explode into a labyrinth that even David Bowie could get lost in. Needless to say, I am looking forward to simplifying things a bit! This year I'm ordering seeds from West Coast Seeds and couldn't be more excited to see how they do. I saved some seeds from a few veggies and herbs that did well last season, so I'm excited to see if they work too. West Coast Seeds is an incredible company "on a mission to repair the world", they have a 100% commitment to ethical growing and have non-GMO untreated seeds for organic growing. What are your favourites to grow at home?



Cindy's Favourites

Alo Moves
I have always wanted to get into yoga but never did for several reasons. About a month ago, I decided to look into virtual yoga classes. I tried a few different platforms but found that Alo aligned best with my budget and goals. I'm currently a month in and am so happy with every class I have tried so far. I start my day with Jacquelyn Umof's Rise and Shine: Morning Yoga and end my day with Naya Rappaport's Yoga for Better Sleep. Both these ladies are incredible and are super easy to follow alog with. There are also several workout and skill training series that I will eventually incorporate into my day. If you, like me, can't commit to scheduled classes, I highly recommend this option. You can easily cast it to your tv and take part in any class at any time! 


Butterfly Pea Powder aka Blue Matcha
I recently came across this beautiful blue beverage on TikTok and had to check it out myself. Unlink traditional matcha; blue matcha has a super mild and earthy taste and easily absorbs the taste of anything you add to it, like cinnamon. Butterfly Pea Powder is packed with antioxidants and can help with inflammation. It is caffeine-free, making a great evening treat. I typically start my day with traditional matcha and oat milk latte and end my day with a blue match and oat milk latte. 




Canon PowerShot G7X
I received this as a birthday gift back in November but hadn't had the chance to really test it out until recently. As a photographer, I am used to a super heavy body and lens. As much as I love my DSLR on shoot days, it is super impractical for daily use and while travelling. I had this on my wishlist for some time, specifically because I wanted to make a conscious effort to start shooting "family videos." Although my phone is capable of all this, I wanted to preserve the high quality when playing these clips back on the TV. I finally was able to give it a go a couple of weeks ago, and I am so, so happy with the results. I could talk about the specs all day, so I'll just highlight a few key features that sets this apart from the rest. This point and shoot captures both photos and videos in RAW; this is a huge plus when editing because it gives you so much more room to play with shadows, highlights and colour grading. The photos are great, but the videos are even better. Straight out of camera, the colours are true to life and vibrant. There is also an incredible stabilization feature built-in making action shots super smooth. The monitor also flips up and allows you to take the perfect self-portrait when travelling alone.


Sabine's Favourites

Melissa Wood Health
Melissa Wood Health is my newest go-to option for exercise because I completely adore her approach to movement as a whole. I recently tried out her 7-day free trial after doing a few of her very short flows from her Instagram, and I have loved it. Melissa Wood Health, to me, is a completely different form of exercise and the best way to describe it is a mix of yoga and pilates, but truly, it is a whole new kind of practice. Melissa herself has such a calming and peaceful energy about her. She truly believes in prioritizing yourself and your own peace and finding any moment in the day to do so. Her app and program offer everything from meditation to prenatal and postnatal flows, flows that are 5 minutes and others that are 45. There is something for absolutely everyone here and what I appreciate most about it is the intention behind it. After years of doing high-intensity hour-long cardio and workout sessions, Melissa recognized that that wasn't what she needed or what was serving her and that she could still support her body in other ways. As someone who has a complicated relationship with exercise, I love to see this. Choosing to do one of her flows, for me, holds much less pressure than committing to an intense workout. Many of her flows incorporate slow and controlled movements and don't even leave you sweating (although there definitely is the option for more sweat), which allows for the flexibility of doing them whenever and wherever. I would definitely suggest checking her out. She has a few IGTV flows on her Instagram (@melissawoodhealth) and a free 19-minute full body flow on her website!


David's Tea Grand Cru Matcha
Now I may be a little bit biased, seeing as I used to work for David's Tea, but I do have to say I think they are one of the best in the matcha game. I never thought I would be much of a matcha drinker, but seeing as coffee has too much of a physical effect on me, matcha is a great high-caffeine alternative. Now, for someone who has never had matcha before, it is an acquired taste for sure. It's often described as tasting like grass or dirt, which I can attest to be kind of true. But I do think it's something you can grow to enjoy the taste of, and once you do, it becomes a really nice treat. Some places, David's Tea included, offer flavoured matcha, which can help ease you into the benefits of drinking matcha if you aren't so intrigued by the taste of it yet. I personally love the Grand Cru matcha, which is their medium-grade matcha. This means it is creamier and less grassy than their cheapest plain matcha (Matcha Matsu) but not quite as fancy as their most expensive (Ceremonial Matcha). There truly is something for everyone! Matcha can be great for many things, including giving you an energy boost without the same crash that coffee delivers and being high in antioxidants. For those that don't know, it is essentially green tea leaves that are shaded and stone-ground into a powder, meaning that rather than steeping the leaf, you are actually ingesting the entire thing (meaning no benefits are lost!). I personally love my matcha with some steamed almond milk and a splash of whatever creamer I am feeling that week (the creamer adds a tad bit of sweetness without taking away from the matcha flavour that I, surprisingly, enjoy!). As I mentioned last month, I have been becoming more and more of a "drinks" person, and this is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up to satisfy that!


The Ramblr Project
"The Ramblr Project is a non-profit movement dedicated to creating a community for you to share, connect and learn about your mental health". I took that straight off of their website. I'll admit it because I couldn't find a better way to describe them. This movement is run by Matt Ravida and Dan Pelosini, two people in their twenties with a mental health discussion passion. I found out about this project from a friend and honestly just find it so empowering to see discussion being had about conversations that once were considered so taboo and stigmatized. This project educates and discusses using a few platforms, including a blog on their websitesocial media and my personal favourite; a podcast. Their podcast, Mind Sweep, addresses mental health in a way I haven't seen before, and what's even more awesome is that they are local to Southern Ontario! The podcast follows an interview-style format, for the most part, interviewing individuals about anything from addiction to suicide to cold therapy, cerebral palsy, cancer and how any of these things can impact your mental health and mindset. Although the interview-style isn't typically my personal fav, I find it so intriguing hearing the stories of people who could be passing us by on the street, and we would have no idea. It just goes to remind you that everyone has a story, and more often than not, we have no idea what a person has experienced (this is why kindness goes such a long way, people!!). In addition to their podcast, they also sell super cool merch (I actually just bought their newest Varsity crewneck, and I love it). Honestly, I think it's super cool to see people around my age stepping outside of the box and standing up for what they think is important. It's inspiring to hear so many people's stories and see how passionate these 2 are about mental health and unfiltered conversation. I can say without a doubt that I think this project has the means to grow big and change lives (although I can guarantee it has already impacted so many)! I totally suggest following @ramblrproject on Instagram as they post lot's of useful and educational information there, as well as mini clips of some of their interviews. You can also support by listening to their podcast, checking out their website (linked here), and even purchasing merch (I have my eye on a few more sweaters)! Let's continue to fight the stigma surrounding mental health!!

We hope you've enjoyed this months favs. If yo have read or tried any of the above, let us know below!



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