The Dream Team's May Favourites


1.FitGlow Lip Colour Serum

I fell in love with this lip gloss when I tried it at Pure + Simple Spa over a year ago. It’s super subtle, not sticky and plant-based. It helps to diminish fine lines with vegan collagen and adds a hint of colour. It also scores a 0 on Think Dirty! If I’m feeling a bit blah, I’ll add a swipe of this serum, and it instantly brightens me up.


My neighbour recommended this show to me, and I’m totally hooked! There is only one season available on Prime, but there is sure to be more. Hanna is a kick-butt woman trying to flee from the relentless pursuit of government agents. Its basically a younger, female Bourne which I am totally in to. It’s not too heavy for before bed (I have been known to get some fairly crazy dreams... I’m looking at you, GOT) and grabs you just enough to want to keep watching, but not so much that you stay up for 24 hours binging. Perfect, if you ask me.

3.The Bare Home Hand Soap

 This soap is so lovely! I’ve got some serious love for this fellow female-run, Canadian, small business. Ashley, the founder of The Bare Home is beyond sweet, and she has developed eco-friendly, at home, refillable soaps, cleaners and detergents. Everything is made in Canada, and I am officially converted. I have been using the Bergamot + Lime Hand Soap in my kitchen, and I love the subtle scent, consistency and glass bottle. One Refill box will refill your glass bottle six times.

4.Together by Sia

I love Sia and have been known to play her albums on repeat while I am trying to work out a design. There’s a good chance that one day, when you visit our general store, I will have Sia playing all day. And yes, I did say general store. I’m putting it into the universe for winter 2020! Okay, so go listen to Together, its catchy, happy and about giving love. I mean, don’t we all need a bit more of that in our lives right now?! Cindy and Rachel may have to listen to this all day now...


1.Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel was not something I watched in May but I have definitely binge-watched it when the most recent season came out in December but this is a great show to watch to help you focus on staying inspired and motivated.  I have found it hard to stay inspired and motivated but this show is definitely a pick me up.  Marvelous Mrs. Maisel takes places in the 50’s and follows Midge, Mrs. Maisel, who has the perfect life until everything gets turned upside down, throughout the series you follow Midge, navigating her way of being a mom and trying to pursue a professional career in Comedy, something that is looked down upon for women in the 50’s.  This show has beautiful colours, patterns and has been styled so well, the way the show moves almost looks musically but without the singing.  I love this show because the main character is a female lead and is determined to follow her dreams no matter what comes in her way.  You can find the 3 seasons of  Marvellous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime.

2.How’s Work and Where Should We Begin by Esther Perel Podcast

Esther Perel is a therapist, author and creator of the podcasts How’s Work and Where Should We Begin.  Both podcasts allow you to listen to one time anonymous therapy sessions that Perel has with couples, friends and co-workers.  How’s Work focuses on work relationships and Where Should We Begin focuses on intimate relationships.  I find that both of these podcasts are a nice slow and calm listen as you navigate through other people’s relationships, it helps give you a different perspective and has helped me stay calm when feeling anxious or on edge.  A lot of the advice that Perel gives can often relate to your own life in some way or the other. Perel’s podcast can be found on Stitcher or Spotify.  

3.Dream Baby Dream by Jimmy Marble

Jimmy Marble is a photographer, director and designer who lives in Los Angelos, he recently came out with a book, Dream Baby Dream, full of the photographs he’s taken throughout his career.  Marble is one of my favourite photographers, his magical images take you to another world that is dreamy and wondrous.  Dream Baby Dream is punchy and full of colour, the design of the book is purposeful.  Marble keeps it real with his honest handwritten text that can be found throughout the book. This book is a great coffee table book and also helps me stay inspired and calm if you are unable to get his book, his Instagram feed and website are great places to stay inspired.  Marble has a collaboration page with his partner Jesse Charmberline, the images they create are just as whimsical.

4.EVERYTHING by KOTA the Friend

I recently started listening KOTA the Friend but he has quickly become one of my go-to listens, his honest lyrics and unique beats make him a refreshing listen.  KOTA the Friend is from New York and is an independent hip hop/rap artist which makes him work even harder for his career.  KOTA has a great mix of albums and mixtapes that he has released within the past couple of years, his most recent album release, EVERYTHING, launched at the end of May and it is all about positivity and manifesting what you want in your life.  This album reminds me of Mac Miller’s Divine Feminine with its chill beats, interludes and great production, it is a calm listen that makes you feel positive and inspires you to follow what you desire.  I love what this artist stands for and I can definitely say that this will be my album of the summer.  If you have a chance to listen to this album keep an ear out for all the great features, Lupita, his kid and more!  In hard times like this, this album is definitely a treat that helps us move forward through these difficult times.  EVERYTHING is now available on streaming platforms.


Quo Crystal Nail File

I file my nails obsessively. I find that if I don't file them at least once a week to maintain the shape they chip or crack. I recently switched over from an emery nail file to crystal and found that my nails stopped splitting and peeling! The crystal nail files are a little thicker so it takes some getting used to but give it some time and you will love it! Bonus, crystal nail files are also permanently etched, so they don't wear out like other nail files! #ECOBEAUTY


Last year I switched from Dove deodorant to Schmidt's and decided that no matter how awful the smell that I would stick it through and commit to a natural deodorant. A friend recommended adding chlorophyll to my water since it acts as a natural deodorizer, and now, one year later, I am still sipping on my green, mint flavoured water and loving it. Chlorophyll also helps clean your intestines, stimulate the immune system and detoxify the body. 

Approachable Podcast

I've found that I'm not quite ready for music as soon as I wake up but still need something playing in the background, and although I love my Crime Junkie, it's a little too heavy at 7 am. Instead, I've started listening to Approachable by Samantha Ravndahl and Alyssa Anderson. I especially love that both Sam and Alyssa have very different but sound opinions and cover everything from Adulting to Learning to Love Yourself (featuring the @thebirdspapaya).

4.Breathe Magazine

I first came across Breathe while browsing through magazines in Chapters. Breathe is a UK based magazine that focuses on living a more mindful life through 5 sections; wellbeing, living, mindfulness, creativity and escape. Each issue includes articles covering topics such as; how to not self-sabotage, breathing exercises for a better nights rest.
Breathe is packed with thoughtful, researched content, beautiful illustrations and zero ads! I have ripped out pages and pinned them to a corkboard as a reminder to be more present. Highlighted and made notes throughout, and sent clippings to friends. 



 We hope you've enjoyed this week's blog!
We love sharing our fav items with you all and would love to know what your favourite shows, songs or items have been! 

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