Sustainability for Coffee Lovers!

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Over the last few years, I've found that the majority of the waste I produce is from making, and buying my daily coffee(s).
This week I thought I would share how I was able to make my coffee consumption a little greener, both inside and outside of the home! 
We are currently in the middle of a pandemic so I'm going to skip the obvious, reusable coffee cups... it'll be a while before we'll be able to hand over our cups to be filled with a fresh pot of hot coffee. Luckily, there are many other ways you can enjoy your beverage of choice sustainably! 

Purchasing Your Coffee  

If you are out and about and need to purchase a second cup I would recommend researching what companies are conscious of their eco-footprint and are making an effort to reduce it. 

Although I am a huge supporter of local coffee shops, each of the big-name companies listed below are using their resources to work towards creating sustainable packaging, making them a great alternative for when you need a mid-day pick-me-up!

Starbucks | Is currently working with the Paper Recovery Alliance and Plastics Recovery Group in efforts to make their cups easily recyclable at home, work and public spaces. 

Mcdonalds | Is working towards producing 100% plant fibre packaging from recycled or certified responsibly managed forests where no deforestation occurs. They are also working with HAVI Global Solutions to transition to Clarified Polypropylene (CPP) for McCafé beverage cups.

Tim Hortons | Is working with waste industry experts to make beverage package recycling more accessible to all. Tim Hortons also contributes funds to mandatory packaging stewardship programs in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and Manitoba. These programs help to finance municipal recycling programs in the respective regions.

Brewing From Home

Whether you prefer Keurig, Nespresso, Tassimo or traditional drip, there's a greener option to help you get your morning started! 

Reusable pods

Reusable pods have been a game-changer in our home! We've been able to save on buying pods and fill them with our favourite blends!

You can save an estimated 65% on your coffee using reusable capsules. Evergreens capsules are also made of stainless steel, are BPA  and aluminum-free, making them non-toxic when heated!

Image Source | Evergreen

Recycling Programs

Alternatively, companies such as Nespresso offer recycling programs that allow you the ship your pods back to Nespresso to be cleaned and recycled correctly (prepaid postage included)! 

Keurig has also begun to make their pods recyclable. Just peel off the lid, clean out the coffee grounds and recycle! 

Eco-friendly Coffee Filters 

If you're looking to brew for a few, you may be in the market for an eco-friendly coffee filter. Hemp fibre is quickly becoming the go-to option for coffee filters as it requires less water to grow and is far more durable than cotton. Hemp is also naturally bacteria resistant making it super easy to clean and reuse. 

 Image Source | Bolio, Amazon

Espresso Maker and French Press

By far the most eco-friendly option would be using an espresso maker or a french press. All you need is water and your favourite blend! While an espresso brews a much stronger coffee, a french press allows the coffee to steep allowing for a lighter but equally as flavorful coffee.

Sustainable Picks 

If you already have the tools and want to continue sipping sustainably, this blog post by The Good Trade lists several incredible companies working towards providing coffee that is sourced ethically. 


I hope today's post has inspired you to make a few small changes that will greatly impact our landfills for the better! 

We would love to continue to add to our resource list so be sure to leave your recommendations below! 












  • I absolutely adore your sponge cloths. After a few days of use I use dish soap give them a good washing and then microwave them on a paper towel for 30 seconds for my peace of mind. I just ordered 6 more. I just have to train the hubby that they are washable and reusable not disposable because he thinks they are dirty and ready to go.

    Cheryl Check
  • Sustainable, yet super friggin delicious looking, not gonna lie.


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