Strawberry Ricotta Coppa Toast

Hi friends!

Spring is finally here, can you believe it!? Although we are still experiencing some cooler weather, the sun has been shining, the sky is blue, and we can finally feel a little bit of warmth creeping in.

I am toast obsessed! I have been known to get a little crazy with my flavour combos, and although I have had a couple of misses here and there, this is a total win, I promise!

I am always torn between sweet and savoury, so I love combining the two. This Strawberry Ricotta Coppa toast offers just that.


Ciabatta bread
Creamy ricotta
Strawberry jam
Coppa Di Parma
Olive Oil
Chilli Flakes
Lemon Zest

Toast Assembly

+ Slice your ciabatta bread an inch thick
+ Drizzle with olive oil and toast to preferred crispiness
+ Add a generous amount of ricotta to your toast, followed by strawberry jam
+ Layer a few slices of coppa di parma
+ Finally, lightly drizzle your honey, chilli flakes and lemon zest. There are all optional, but they the perfect bite.

This recipe is super simple and makes for a great mid-day snack! It's just the right mix of sweet, savoury and creamy. If you have your own version of this recipe, we would love to try it out, so be sure to leave it below!

Happy Spring!

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