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New Series! Ten & Co Favorites: Margaret & Beau

As part of our new favorite eco conscious brands, makers and entrepreneur’s series I can’t wait to highlight incredible people and tell you a bit more about why they inspire me. I hope they can inspire you too and provide some insight into the many reasons I have been inspired to create premium, eco conscious home goods.

Drying Mat Ten and Co, Margaret and Beau Mug

We are kicking things off today with Rachel, the maker behind Margaret & Beau. I stumbled upon her stunning pottery last Spring when she reached out after seeing our citrus patterns that matched her newest line of citrus mugs!

I immediately fell in love not only with her pottery, but her creative space and bright spirit. I think I am always drawn to people that do things I’d like to do in another life. Rachel creates the most beautiful pottery, with organic lines, textures and colours- meant to be handed down for generations to come. I am now the proud owner of 4 new mugs that perfectly match our fall/winter cloths and I couldn't be more thrilled with them. The quality is unsurpassed and I swear coffee tastes better out of them! 

She recently opened a storefront called cupboard goods, in which she has “Shop Well, Give Well, Live Well” written on the windows. A mantra we should all keep in mind when purchasing goods. She believes that if you buy something of quality once, it will serve you for a lifetime. I love that, and I fully support it. Well done Rachel and best of luck with the new beautiful shop!    

Please note this post is not sponsored, I just simply love her work, and love to follow her adventures in entrepreneurship on Instagram! 

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