Mother's Day Guide

I have to be honest, when I realized we would still be self-isolating and practicing social distancing going into May, I knew Mother's Day would look a little bit different this year...
Trust me, I would love a day at the spa, but in the past that has never been the plan. The kids love to get into Mothers Day celebrations so we keep it low-key at home. Only this year, knowing I didn't have the option to go anywhere was a little sad. With our current situation I have realized how much I miss being able to pee without someone knocking down the door! Keep in mind; my kids are 4 and 6, and I am their personal chef and entertainer 24/7.
So this year I will take all the me-time I can get. 
I love my kids, with all my heart, and my husband, but we spend A LOT of time together these days so it took me about .012 seconds to know what I wanted for Mother's Day this year, you know, during a worldwide pandemic.
This post isn't about gifts or what sponge cloth your mom would love most (although I am sure she would love a sponge cloth) This post is about enjoying a relaxing day, having your partner and kids take care of you, just like you do for them 365 days a year.

HINT: Forwarding this to your significant other might be a great plan. Help them out! They can't execute a perfect day if they don't know what that looks like!

Sleep In

Even fake sleeping in (because I can't sleep past 7 am anyways). It would be amazing to sneak in an extra half hour of guilt-free relaxing in bed, reading one of the million books in my 'to be read' pile. Everything would be great if it were guilt-free, I realize this has WAY more to do with me than my husband. So, the "guilt-free" part is more a note to myself.

Mental note: "Feel ZERO guilt on Sunday."


To be honest, I don't need breakfast in bed, it's a bit awkward and lonely!? But, I know the kids get a kick out of it so I am happy to play along. They love to pick flowers in the backyard and attempt to put the crushed little flower heads into a vase on the tray. It's cute, and I know it won't last forever, so I embrace it. FYI: What I would really love is just a massive, steaming mug of tea and to read in bed for an hour. I have chills just thinking about it; it sounds like a mystical slice of paradise. Then, once I've snuck in a few chapters, I could slowly come downstairs for a bacon sandwich. For reals… that would be amazing.

Family Time

An afternoon walk or just hanging in the yard. I have my fingers crossed for a beautiful sunny day!


Something easy and mess-free! I always feel compelled to take over cooking or cleaning if it is getting out of control, so something simple would keep me happy! BBQ! BBQ is the way to go. Keep the mess outside.

Me Time

I would love some time to just relax, on my own, with a latte.
Read, Netflix, write, whatever! Some time that I can just enjoy to myself. It is SO rare to have daylight hours to do this, and it would be so lovely to hide for 2 hours and just do whatever I feel like doing.


ORDER IN. COCKTAILS. Need I say more?
I don't need things; I just want time (plus, I just ordered myself earrings… so Happy Mothers Day to me!). Time is a hot commodity right now, and having a little bit of it to myself would be so lovely.

I know there are many moms in very different situations at the moment, but as one with 2 small kids, a business and homeschooling, time to myself is equivalent to a unicorn. OH and a clean house. OMG. A clean house would also be an excellent gift.

Ps, if you need a delicious cocktail idea, I have one for you here! 

I know your Mother's Day might not look the same as this, so below I've included the results of our IG poll from our amazing community to round out the suggestions! Although, it seems we were all on the same page...

 + An uninterrupted bath

+ Waking up to a clean house 

+ Lunch with your own mom 

+ No laundry (perhaps having someone else start and finish a load!?)

+ Sitting by the fire (yes please!)

+ Alone time!!! 

+ No dishes 

+ Getting through a hot coffee with no interruptions!

I hope this will make at least one moms special day a little brighter. Have a wonderful weekend! 


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