Growing an Avocado Tree from the Pit

Hey Friends, Cindy here! I'm the newest addition to the Ten and Co. team, and I can't wait to get to know you all a bit better. If you haven't noticed, Christen has recently become obsessed with all things scratch baking and gardening. Last week she read about Avacado trees and wanted to try it out. Little did she know that this phenomenon isn't new to me! A few summers ago, I was in my grandmother's kitchen in Italy when I spotted a jar with a round seed propped up by toothpicks on the window sill. At the time, I had no idea it was a seed, let alone an avocado rooting station!

A couple of years later, I returned to visit for the summer, and the little seed had become a full avocado tree! Now, I'm aware that winters in Italy are much shorter and summers much warmer, but we were inspired to try and grow our own little plant! Below are the beginning steps, and we will keep you updated as he/she grows...

What I Used

Extra Large Drying Mat
(for easy cleanup and a secure, non-slip base)


Plant Baby Prep

Step 1:

Cut open your avocado and set aside for a quick snack later on.
Give the avocado pit a quick rinse making sure to remove any fruit sticking to the seed.

Step 2:

Locate the top and bottom of your seed. The top of the seed is where the plant will sprout from and needs to remain dry at all times. The bottom of the seed is typically a shade lighter and needs to stay in water to root.


Step 3:

Grab 3-4 toothpicks and insert them evenly around the edge of your seed. Insert your toothpick firmly and angled slightly downward. This will help keep as much of the base in the water. (We couldn't find toothpicks, so skewers worked just fine!)


Extra Large Drying Mat 

Step 4:

Fill a glass (or, in my case, a too big jar) of water and place your avocado seed on top. The base of your seed must remain in water constantly for it to root, so make sure to replenish as needed.

Step 5:

Place your plant baby in a warm and bright spot and change the water once a week.


Rooting and Sprouting

You will start to see some changes in your avocado seed just before it sprouts. The top of the seed will begin to dry out, and the brown covering will start to fall off. The seed itself will also split from top to bottom. Soon, a root will emerge from the bottom and shortly after a shoot and leaves from the top!

For a happy and healthy plant, make sure that the roots are submerged in water at all times!

Just like that, you have your own avocado rooting station! Now, this is my first avocado plant attempt, so this is as far as I've gotten, but I will report back once we have leaves. If you would like to track our plant baby progress, we will be posting all updates on our Instagram stories!

Have you had any luck growing a tree indoors?
Next on the list is a lemon tree, or maybe olives?

By the end of the summer, we will have an entire tree nursery in the Ten and Co. kitchen!

Ps. A little update for you!

We started this almost a month ago on April 23. The seed is now cracking and slowllllly shedding. This project is defiantly not for the impatient. I have changed the water every few days and placed it next to a window with full sun. 

I'm feeling pretty optimistic and hoping well roots by next month. Stay tuned for more! 

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