GHST Summer Cocktail Recipe

Are you ready for it?
Your ultimate summer cocktail- refreshing, light, delish and EASY.

Enter the GHST (pronounced ghost- to be extra stealthy). Shout out to my better half who came up with the name; we tried desperately to come up with an “O” ingredient, but alas, we decided to keep it mysterious...ha.

G | Grapefruit
H | Honey
S | Soda
T | Tequila

HINT: If you can pick up some freshly squeezed grapefruit juice from the store- or use a juicer, that will make your life easier.

I squeezed mine by hand and made a mess- but it tasted just the same!

Don’t use condensed or bottled juice; it’s bitter and full of sugar- it just won’t taste the same. Trust me on this; fresh is worth it!

Mix together the following ingredients

3 oz. Freshly Squeezed Grapefruit Juice
1 tsp (or go without) organic honey
1.5 oz good quality Tequila (my favourite is Espolon, the Blanco or Resposado is perfect for this)


  1. Pour mixture over ice and top with Soda Water.
  2. Garnish with an obnoxiously large slice of Grapefruit, a good sprinkle of great Sea Salt, and a few Mint Leaves if you’ve got them. The Mint isn’t a must, but it looks pretty. The salt is a must; it balances everything out!
  3. Drink up and pretend you are on a beach somewhere. 

Enjoy, and please remember to drink responsibly, my friends, Happy Summer!


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