Dave's Perfect Father's Day


With Fathers Day upon us, I have been thinking about fun ideas to do this weekend, and then I realized I posted exactly what I wanted for Mother's Day, so I should probably extend the same courtesy to Dave.

In all honesty, I expected him to reply to my request with “golf” but I was pleasantly surprised with his simple, but lovely answer.

Here is what he said…

 1) Sleep in

2) Amazing omelet breakfast on the front porch with my team

3) Relax by the pool

4) Power bowl for lunch

5) Puttering in the backyard

6) Great dinner on the patio

7) Kids to bed

8) and a quiet drink with my girl.

I thought a bike ride picnic would be fun too. We’ve both been working our butts off, so a little break and getting away from the house is in order.

Dave is our rock, he’s the most incredible Dad and we are all so lucky to have him. I don’t know that Ten and Co. Would actually exist today if it wasn’t for his amazing support. In the early days, he spent hours with me folding tea towels, packing orders and stickering sponge cloths... he’s the best intern a girl could ask for! Ha.  

I couldn’t do it all without my Dad either. I am going to round up my sisters (all FIVE of us) for a “wine with Dad” Zoom on Sunday afternoon… I’m also blowing up 5 different pictures of my dad’s face for each of the girls to make a mask out of and wear on our Zoom call.  

 What are you up to? Any fun plans?
Sending so much love to all the Dads out there, have a great weekend!


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