Elevate Your at Home Office + 4 Eco Friendly Swaps

Hey friends, Cindy here!

Is it just me, or does it feel like we're in a time warp? Ontario is back in lockdown, and that means we are back in our home offices (if we ever had the chance to leave at all). 

I have been working from home for about six months now, and although it was super convenient during the first few months, I now find myself dreaming of the day I can return to the office. Working from home, no matter how much you love your job, can be very difficult. The line between personal and work time can become blurred, and you can easily find yourself working when you should be resting your mind and enjoying time with your self and your family. 

Over the last few months, I've decided to embrace the current situation and refine my workspace to better suit my needs. Although some of these items may seem futile, they are small changes that have made a difference throughout my day. If you don't find anything on this list relevant to your situation, I hope it at least inspires you to embrace working from home and switch up your space in a way that will help you as well. 

Let's get into it! 

DISCLAIMER: I will be linking gadgets from Amazon for readers worldwide. If you are able to find these items locally, I encourage you to do so. 

I don't have use for a scanner, but you might. In that case, I won't be touching on the essentials because that is specific to your situation, and you know what you need. I ammm here to share the gadgets you didn't know you needed! 

Sunlight Therapy Lamp

I don't have an abundance of natural sunlight in my space, so I decided to purchase a light therapy lamp to help with SAD. This lamp has 20 settings, from a warm sunrise orange to bright white daylight. If you're experiencing the winter blues and find it hard to stay focused or feel like the day just doesn't seem to be progressing, I highly recommend this lamp. For more information on SAD and light therapy, click here.

Inspo / Notification Board

This board is a great alternative if, like me, you prefer not to puncture holes into your inspo clippings. After searching for days, I found this beautiful glass magnetic board. It is available at Staples, but the same brand is a little cheaper on Amazon. I prefer to "pin" my typography and photography inspo, colour swatches and pretty prints, but you may find it helpful to post your ideal morning routine, to-do lists and so on. Either way, this board is sleek and also doubles as a whiteboard! There is also a non magnetic version available for half the price that still works really well if you don't mind using eco friendly tape instead. 

Cord Manager

No explanation is needed here. Let's clean up those cords and never have to look at them again.


A silicone keyboard cover with shortcuts

This cover is super helpful. Not only does it protect your keyboard from dust, but it also clearly displays all your keyboard shortcuts right in front of you. I find that this definitely speeds up my workflow. 

A Phone Stand

This has been my most used accessory. The height is adjustable and really helps me maintain proper posture throughout the day. I also find this super helpful when I need to reference a document that I have open on my phone. I have also started using it in the kitchen, sitting on the couch, and while getting ready. It helps me keep my chin up while scrolling and has been a total game changer! 

A Mug Warmer

This is my second most used gadget/accessory. I am a super slow sipper and try to avoid the microwave at all costs. The temperature on this mug warmer is adjustable and keeps your beverage of choice at the perfectly warm until you're done. 



A touch of greenery can truly transform a space. Plants can not only boost your mood but (some) can also help purify and improve air quality. For more information on how plants can help elevate your space, check out our blog post "The Benefits of Adding a Touch of Greenery to Your Space."

Woodwick candles

The sound of the woodwick candle burning is so soothing and instantly (audibly) warms up a space. It will bring you back to working out of your favourite coffee shop. Pair this with a lo-fi or jazz playlist and you're set! Milk Jar carries the cutest candles and will be restocking January 23. 

Essential oil diffuser

If candles aren't your thing, try an essential oil diffuser. Scents like citrus can help with focus and energy, while lavender and chamomile can help with relaxation. 

Visual goals 

Pin visual representations of your goals. I don't mean just career goals or financial goals. Everything in between that makes you happy. I have a magazine clipping of a woman in a pink dress and pistachio coloured boots strutting down the street. The phases of the moon, and photos of beautiful flowers. At a glance, these may not look like goals, but there is much more to them, and only you need to know the meaning behind it. 

Eco-friendly Swaps 

Reusable Notebook

A reusable notebook allows for the same traditional feel of putting pen to paper while allowing you to transfer your notes to its corresponding app. This will help save a ton of paper and can help keep your space organized as well! Check out this article to find the best reusable notebook for you!

Static Notes

These sticky notes are so awesome! They are glue-free and made from 100% recyclable polypropylene. Although this is still a plastic product, these notes are reusable and recyclable. They can stick to virtually any surface using static electricity. 
Alternatively, if you prefer paper, Post-it now makes sticky notes made of recycled paper and has conducted tests to ensure that the glue does not interfere with recycling. 

Highlighter Crayons

Have you heard about Eco Highlighter Pencils yet!? These are sustainably and responsibly made in Austria, using wood from managed forests. They are free of plastic, ink solvents and have a natural finish, making them 100% biodegradable. 

Eco friendly / Refillable pens

Choosing a pen is just as personal as choosing a perfume. Although a fountain pen would be the most eco-friendly option, that may not be for everyone, and that's understandable. I'm sure you have a ton of pens lying around, so there's no need to buy anymore but, when that time comes, try searching for an alternative to your traditional Bic pens. I recently came across these beautiful pens by Caran d'Ache. They are made in Switzerland out of recycled Nespresso pods. How cool!?



While researching, I came across TerraCycle. TerraCycle is a free recycling program funded by brands such as Sharpie and Paper Mate. They help collect & properly recycle your hard-to-recycle waste! I've just signed up myself and am super excited to start collecting. Be sure to check them out for more information.


I hope you've enjoyed this post and have found something to make your home office experience a little better. If there's anything you would like to add to the list, leave a comment below! 

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