Easy Peasy Mini Hand Sanitizer Sprays

This week we brought a little science project into our kitchen! All you will need for this quick project is a liquid hand sanitizer of your choice, citrus essential oil and a spray bottle!

I went with Dillon's Alcohol Antiseptic. Every purchase made helps support their mission to supply hospitals, long-term care homes, shelters, and emergency departments across Ontario with free sanitizer. They have converted their distillery into a full-time hand sanitizer production plant and have provided over 30,000L of sanitizer so far.

For my essential oil, I decided to use one of my favourites, Liquid Sunshine. It contains grapefruit, lime and bergamot. While grapefruit and lime act as a natural antibacterial agent, the bergamot helps calm the mind and nervous system.

Lastly, you can use any spray bottle of your choice, but if you are interested in these cute little blue bottles, you can find them here. They come with a little funnel to help with the pouring process and are great to keep around the house. 

Once you fill your bottle with the sanitizer, you can add in your essential oil. I added 8-10 drops, which I found did a great job of disguising the alcohol smell.

Once your done, twist the tops on and you're all done! They are small enough to fit in a purse, pocket or glove compartment and come in extremely handy after a grocery run.

The kids totally got into this 'project' and they were pumped to finish off their own sanitizer spray with the smell of their choice!


  • Thanks for sharing an informative blog.

  • Hi. Just found your site as I too have the Dillon’s sanitizer. Where can I find them? You cloths look great and I plan on ordering!!


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