Christen's Calzone Recipe

Hey Friends!

Our family is back on a calzone kick, so I figured it was time to share this super simple and delicious recipe!


+ 1 Pre-made pizza dough [split into 4]

+ Optional- chopped fresh herbs to kneed into pizza dough (chive and rosemary are delish!)

+ Veggies (mushrooms, green pepper, red onion and sun dried tomatoes are my go-to)

+ Meat of choice (optional) We used thinly sliced pepperoni sticks

+ Mozzarella cheese

+ Pizza Sauce



+ Preheat oven to 500 degrees and if you are using a pizza stone, put it in the oven now so it can come to temperature slowly. A baking sheet works fine too, but no need to preheat- grease your pan with a neutral flavored oil such as canola. 

+ If you are adding chopped herbs to your dough, add roughly 1 tbsp in total and fold the dough around the herbs, keep folding the dough in on its self until they are evenly dispersed. 

+ Roll out each pizza dough quarter to a rough circle about 1/4" thick and fill with sauce and toppings. Don't add too many or it will burst open in the oven!

+ Fold over and roll edges to secure, starting from one corner and working to the other side. 

+ Brush dough with a beaten egg and top with flakey sea salt for bonus points.

+ Carefully transfer to your calzones to the preheated stone and bake on the bottom rack for 10-15 minutes until golden. 

+ Allow to cool for a few minutes on the stone before eating, the inside will be like lava. For kids to can pierce the top with a fork or skewer a few times to allow steam to escape and the cheese to cool faster.  

+ Enjoy!

Ps... You can also cook these in a frying pan over medium heat with a bit of oil for a treat... I believe that might make them a panzerotti, but I'm not sure on that. They will get crisp, golden and basically taste like pizza-fried dough... and really, who wouldn't love that? It's DELISH. 


Pro Tip: Top with flakey sea salt before baking 

These make a fun family meal that everyone can be a part of. Added bonus that when the kids are involved in making their own, they actually eat it! I might have to whip these up this weekend with a glass of red- sounds like a recipe for a great evening if you ask me! 

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