Beauty and Sponge Cloths: A Ten and Co Experiment

Hey Friends! 

This week I was inspired by the lovely Lana of Viva Glam Lana to incorporate our Sponge Cloths into my beauty routine! 

I wanted to try and cut out 3 major wasters; cotton rounds, paper towels and sheet masks, so I decided to conduct a few experiments.

Here are my results! 


Sponge Cloths for Cleaning Makeup Brushes

I usually swirl the brush in the palm of my hand but since we've received these Solid Colour Sponge Cloths, I've found that the texture of the Sponge Cloths help me clean my brushes a lot faster. Plus, the dark, solid colour helps hide any stains that may occur while cleaning!  

Tip: Pure Castile soap works wonders! Add a drop onto a Sponge Cloth and swirl your brush until the bristles are clean.


Large Sponge Cloth as a Drying Mat

This isn't necessarily an experiment but a great start! I've swapped out paper towels for Sponge Cloths in every area including my beauty kit! 

The key to long-lasting makeup brushes is making sure they dry thoroughly after washing. This way the adhesive attaching the brush head to the handle will stay intact. To ensure that my brushes are drying properly I lay them out on a Large Sponge Cloth. As of recently, I have also started rolling the Sponge Cloth a 1/4 of the way and propping the ends of the brushes up so the extra water trickles down.

Tip: It may seem counterproductive, but make sure your Sponge Cloth is a little damp. This will help draw the excess water out of the brushes. 



Now onto the actual experiments!

Replacing Cotton Rounds for Sponge Cloth Rectangles?  

The cotton used for cotton rounds (unless certified organic) contain awful pesticide and chemicals that are not only terrible for us, but for our oceans as well. They are also typically packaged in plastic and can not be washed or reused. It can get pretty pricy over time and continue to fill our landfills as well!

I decided to try cutting my Hearts Sponge Cloth into squares. I then splashed my daily tonner onto a square and found that this, unfortunately, did not work. 

Second try...I decided to wet my Sponge Cloth square and wrung out the excess water, splashed a little toner and voila! Again, this may seem counterproductive but the dampness helps the Sponge Cloth hold onto the liquid and will allow you to gently dab your tonner on.

Sponge Cloth as a Sheet Mask 

Okay, okay, I know I look silly BUT this did work!!

I started by boiling a pot of chamomile tea. Once down to a warm temperature, I poured the tea into a large bowl and soaked my Sponge Cloth for about thirty seconds. Once the tea was soaked up, I wrung out the Sponge Cloth leaving just enough for it to be filled with liquid but without dripping. 

I then laid the Sponge Cloth on my face and allowed the warm chamomile tea to open my pores and soothe my skin. I then followed up with my daily night serum and creams! My skin felt great and I felt super inspired to create a more complex mix! Green tea, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, honey, oat milk! The possibilities are endless.

Oh, and my terrible measuring skills left me with 2 strips that just happen to be the perfect size for undereye patches! So in case you don't feel like laying down with a Sponge Cloth on your can treat yourself to a soothing, undereye, depuffing, experience (that was a mouth full). 

What I have found since making a conscious effort to reduce waste
is that it can take a little creativity!

Some swaps are harder than others. There may be little luxuries, like sheet masks, that you may not want to give up. In reality, we're all just trying our best, so just do what you can! 
I've challenged my self to see how much waste I can reduce and have found that most of my waste comes from my grocery purchases and my beauty routine so if you have any fun experiments or alternatives let us know below! 

I hope you enjoyed today's post and I hope we've inspired you to get a little creative on your eco journey!

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