A Ten and Co. Long Weekend


What are your plans for the long weekend this year? As with most people, ours will be looking very different from years past. We typically head up to my moms in Collingwood, ON to celebrate Thanksgiving; enjoy the stunning colours, crisp air and lots of space to breathe deep and relax. Based on the situation with COVID, we will be staying home- to do much the same but without so much family around! 

This year I am putting in a little extra effort to make holidays extra special for not only the kids, but us too! These extraordinary circumstances put extra stress on everyone and taking a time out to really rest and recharge is proving to be more important than ever. I think the lack of control in this situation can really start to take a toll (especially on a control freak like me!). 

Luke cried on the way to school last week when I explained that we wouldn’t be seeing his grandparents on the weekend- my heart broke a little bit. It’s hard for everyone, so let’s bring on the mulled cider, bonfires and autumn crafts! Oh, and the smell of turkey and crispy, roasted potatoes!


I have finally managed to convert my kids to Roasted Potatoes, these babies are twice cooked, fluffy and light on the inside and golden and crunchy on the outside. The secret is to par boil them, drain, allow to dry out in the pot and then you shake them around to break them up a bit and roughen up the edges (more surface area to get crispy)- pour these onto a screaming hot pan with duck fat (or veg oil) and bake in a VERY hot oven. A great recipe is Jamie Oliver’s Best Roasted Potatoes. I’m drooling at my desk…  

This year I think I will be finishing dinner with French Chocolate Mousse. I know this isn’t the typical Thanksgiving dessert, but my kids aren’t into pie yet and we all LOVE chocolate. This is decadent, but not too heavy after a filling meal. I can't wait: Mousse au Chocolat


Happy Thanksgiving Friends. x.


I don’t usually celebrate Thanksgiving but it is always nice to have a day off and a better excuse to hangout with my family.  I like to take advantage of us all being off the same day and we usually end up eating dinner together, or if we plan ahead, we do a family activity or outing.  We’re all about getting our steps at my house, so this year I think we are going for a hike which will be the perfect time as the leaves change colours.  Extra days off is always a good opportunity to recharge or spend time with loved ones and friends.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I have been using the past couple of days to look up information about Thanksgiving's problematic history but it has been difficult to find any current information or articles.  I did come across a great article written by Sean Sherman who is a member of the Oglala Lakota Sioux Tribe and the founder and CEO of The Sioux Chef


Sherman focuses on creating Indigenous meals and promoting the culture behind it.  In 2019 Sherman wrote an article about the Thanksgiving tale we have been told in school and a better way he has found to celebrate the holiday.  I thought this was an educational article that introduced Indigenous meals and explained the history of Thanksgiving from an Indigenous perspective. To read about America’s Thanksgiving history and Sherman's article, click here. If you would like to read more about Sherman’s inspiration and education behind his meals, click here. To hear more about Canada's Thanksgiving history, click here.


Another way to be an ally to the Indigenous community is to educate ourselves about the history and events that activists are currently fighting for, Kelly Boutsalis, a Mohawk woman, has written a detailed article with lots of resources for different Indigenous American Activists to follow, click here to check it out.  In addition, our very own, Canadian actor from Schitt’s Creek, Dan Levy, recently announced that he has signed up for a free course through University of Alberta called Indigenous Canada to educate himself on Canada’s Indigenous history and encourages everyone to sign up, you can find more information here

There is never a time like the present to learn more about Canada’s Indigenous history to help become a better ally!


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