10 Apps to Help Promote Sustainability

Hey friends, Cindy here! Today I'll be sharing a few apps that have made tracking my carbon footprint both fun and easy. If you love keeping track of your progressive you'll be sure to love one of the apps below! 



Random Acts of Green is an awesome community-based app that brings businesses and people together. Collect points by performing acts of green and reducing greenhouse gases. Once you submit your achievement, you are awarded points that can be redeemed within their marketplace. You can find our Mud Cloth Sponge Cloth here as well! 



 Eevie helps track your eco-journey. Start by providing lifestyle and dietary information to help calculate your carbon footprint, select at least one habit you would like to form, and finally, track your habit to see how you have reduced your carbon footprint! 




 The Recycle Academy is a great app for those who want to sort through their recyclables but are not sure where to start. They provide information for every recycle symbol, number, and abbreviation.



My Little Plastic Footprint is a super cute app that helps track your plastic use. It focuses on everyday items and offers sustainable alternatives. As you begin to swap out your plastic items, your PMI (plastic mass index) meter will improve. If you love keeping track of your progress and enjoy aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-use apps, you will love this! Ps, they also offer fun quizzes to test your sustainability knowledge! 




From the developers of My Little Plastic Footprint, Beat the Micro Bead digs deeper to reveal the excess plastic in our daily lives, beauty products included. Micro-plastics are often found in scrubs and exfoliants as emulsifying agents or fillers. They are so small and invisible to the naked eye but contribute to ocean pollution daily. Beat the Micro Bead helps identify what products contain micro-plastic with a quick scan of your product's bar code.




A game-changing app. Good On You provides brand ratings, important news, and articles regarding sustainability and ethical practices. Their database currently includes more than 2,000 fashion brands, which are assessed and rated based on their impact on the planet, people and animals. Bonus, they also have an entire page dedicated to current deals and offers! If the brand doesn't make the grade, Good On You will recommend options that meet your sustainable needs. Great right?! Good On You also offers styling tips and the latest news on ethical fashion.



Do you enjoy a good challenge? If you do, then this is the app for you! Keep track of your green habits by buzzing in when you've completed an achievement. Remember to turn the lights off when you leave a room and gain 21 points! As you complete tasks, JouleBug will track your impact while awarding badges and medals.



 Like other search engines, Ecosia uses ads to turn a profit. What sets them apart is that with every search on Ecosia, a tree is planted, removing about 1kg of C02 from the atmosphere! As of 2021, They have planted over 119,00,000 trees, incredible, right?! 




Forest is an app that combines productivity and sustainability. The longer you stay focused, the faster your virtual tree will grow; once it has fully matured, a real tree will be planted. Leaving the app causes your virtual tree to die, so stay on task until your tree has fully grown!




 This app pairs incredibly well with The Recycle Academy. iRecycle helps you sort through your bin and locate recycling centres so you can correctly dispose of your items. iRecycle also allows you to search for any material, from engine degreaser to branches and will provide you with a drop-off location, phone number and collection schedule if available. Hello, Spring cleaning helper!


I hope you were able to find a few useful apps on this list! If you have any apps that help you with sustainability, please leave them below, and we will add them to our resource list! 

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